Jan. 14th, 2012

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A rare one-shot episode (at least for this season) finds Ahsoka reunited with Lux Bonteri, the son of Padmé's former mentor who was killed offscreen last season. Ahsoka had been accompanying Padmé to a diplomatic chat session with some Separatists on Mandalore. It was odd to see Skinny!Padmé in an outfit she wore when she was way pregnant in ROTS, by the way. Lux barges into the meeting, insisting (correctly) that Count Dooku was behind the death of his mother. Dooku's forces attempt to capture Lux, but with Ahsoka's help, they escape along with Artoo. I hope Padmé found a ride off of Mandalore! Ahsoka planned on bringing Lux to Coruscant as a defector, but Lux doesn't want to go. First he tries to pull a blaster on her and when that doesn't work, he Tases her instead when her back is turned. I guess it's easier to Tase a Jedi than to shoot one.

When Ahsoka comes to, she finds the ship has landed on some snowy planet. She quickly finds out the hard way that Lux had come to this planet to find Deathwatch so he could hire them to bump off Dooku. Among them is a female Mandalorian, the one voiced by Katee Sackoff. This was the clip that was shown at Comic Con last summer and originally, the Babealorian put her hands on her hips when she landed. Dave Filoni said at the time he thought the gesture was kind of stupid and he planned on changing it. Which apparently he did. Babealorian smacks Ahsoka in the butt...is she a Lesbolorian?

Friends, we have a new ship: Luxoka. The batting eyes, Ahsoka quickly choosing the fiancee guise, the "pretend but not really" kiss. Like Master, like Padawan.

There are a lot more Deathwatch guys this time, including our old pal Pre Vizsla and his cortosis sword. The rest of the Mandalorians get drunk, shoot droids for fun, exploit local villagers, and burn down their homes. It doesn't take Lux long to realize Deathwatch is just as evil as Dooku.

Artoo is the hero once more. Who else found the "please repair us" scene with the droids disturbing and poignant at the same time?

Artoo and Ahsoka get all of the cool heroics, culminating in some great fight scenes. I loved the fight between Ahsoka and Pre Vizsla, as well as the chase afterwards.

The villagers' dress and the buildings' architecture look Mongolian. Nightwatch lives in yurts.

At the end, Lux escapes, still refusing to come to Coruscant. He is naive and he'd just learned he can't even trust the likes of Deathwatch. He will have to think of some other way to get back at Count Dooku. But he knows he cannot go to the Republic either and he's right. He can trust Ahsoka, but no one else. Palpatine would have had Lux rubbed out just as quickly as Dooku.

Next time: Obi-Wan dies!
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