Jan. 21st, 2012

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There's an kidnapping plot afoot against the Supreme Chancellor and the Jedi Council hatches a scheme to put Obi-Wan Kenobi deep under cover inside a Republic prison, where the plot's mastermind and his friends are housed.

Yoda and Mace Windu's plan is the fevered dreams of 1970s action-adventure television and prison dramas. It's not enough for Obi-Wan to just put on a disguise and pretend he's in for writing bad checks. Oh no. They have to get this assassin/bounty hunter to "kill" Obi-Wan, hold a funeral for him, trick even his closest friends into thinking he's dead, capture the bounty hunter and hold him somewhere while Obi-Wan goes into the prison disguised as the bounty hunter who shot him! Not only does Obi-Wan shave his hair and beard for the job, he gets some quick plastic surgery via an injection and has to swallow this thing to change his voice.

Once he's in, he proves his badness by successfully fending off attempts to fight him. The best is when he sticks a fork right through some guy's hand. Heh heh. He is quickly brought into the confidences of Moralo Eval, the kidnapping plot guy. Eval's new bestie behind bars is none other than a hatless Cad Bane. It's not long before Eval, Bane, and Obi-Wan plan to make a break for it. What's a prison story without a fight turning into a riot? Boba Fett and Bossk tussle with the disguised Kenobi and shortly all heck breaks loose. Let me just say the guards at that prison are the most ineffective I've seen. These guys were probably later assigned to the Death Star. Seriously, the only thing the poor clones in the crematorium had against Cad Bane was a sandwich.

The first thing that struck me about this episode is how this will not end well between the Jedi and Anakin. Anakin isn't brought into the plot and he truly believes Obi-Wan is dead. It's all he could do to keep from killing Obi-Wan disguised as the bounty hunter who "killed" him. Ahsoka is worried about Anakin. When it all hits the fan, as it eventually will, Anakin is going to go ape you-know-what. The deception has its effect other fans as well; a sobbing Satine is heartbroken. The Jedi have entered a morally sketchy area with this whole scheme and they know it.

Obi-Wan is forced into a morally-gray area himself, by not only deceiving those closest to him, but by having to act like a criminal. He cannot bring himself to shoot an unarmed clone, leaving it to Cad Bane and pretending his gun jammed.

The animation in this episode was gorgeous. I just love the Coruscant cityscapes and the film noir look of its underworld. The shaven Obi-Wan kinda does look like a bald Ewan McGregor.

The presto-chango injection that just so happens to make Obi-Wan look like the bounty hunter struck me as a bit hokey, but what t.v./movie plot that involves a disguise isn't hokey?

On a final note, I wonder if this kidnapping plot is an early version of what leads to Palpatine's faux abduction in ROTS, or something else.

Next time: Obi-Wan remains undercover while Anakin and Ahsoka pursue the bad guys!

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