Jan. 27th, 2012

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Just saw a few moments ago a Tweet from Dee Bradley Baker saying that the actor who voices Palpatine on Clone Wars passed away yesterday.

I don't have a news article or anything just yet but someone did update his Wikipedia page with the info:


I'm sure whatever work was needed for Season 4 has been completed, but the search may be on for a new Palpatine soon.

Abercrombie had an extensive t.v. resume. Seinfeld fans might remember him from Elaine's stint as a personal assistant to a rich guy, Mr. Pitt.
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This was an episode full of violence, pain, angst, and Easter eggs.

It's going to be hard to list all of the eggs, but I noticed the shout-outs to Nal Hutta, the Lady Luck, and the Hounds' Tooth. I noticed the Indiana Jones hat in that Hispanic Rodian's shop and the McQuarrie-type prototype helmet Obi-Wan (still in disguise) uses. I noticed the bottle on the bar (where Anakin chokes the bartender) is a Skywalker Ranch wine bottle. I noticed Sy Snootles being carried out of the bar. And I probably missed a bunch more. Whew!

Cad Bane, Eval, and a disguised Obi-Wan make their way to Nal Hutta and crash land there. They pick up some disguises--Cad just gets a new hat--and Obi-Wan is told to secure a ship. While chatting with Mace Windu and Yoda, Obi-Wan tells them to lift the bounty on the three escapees. That way he can find out more about the kidnapping plot against Palpatine. The Jedi agree and tell the Supreme Chancellor.

As soon as Palpie ends his conversation, he addresses one very ticked off Anakin Skywalker, who's just hanging out in his office. Anakin is p*ssed that Obi-Wan's killer is on the loose and nobody is doing anything about it. Palpatine, that sly bastard, tells him he's got it on good word the killer is on Nal Hutta. Anakin leaves and brings Ahsoka with him to Nal Hutta. Palpatine sneers at the camera, twirls his mustache, and laughs maniacally.

Meanwhile, Cad and Eval betray Obi-Wan as soon as he gets a ship, spray him with some green gas, and leave him behind. Pablo the Hispanic Rodian, who had been assaulted by Cad Bane, leads the authorities to Obi-Wan. They knock an already woozy Obi-Wan out and when he comes to, they beat him some more. Season of Pain! Eventually, Obi-Wan and his two new "pals" make up and form up a team again.

Anakin and Ahsoka arrive on Nal Hutta. Anakin's still in a bad mood. He charges into a bar and goes into Darth Vader mode, tussling with a Gammorrean and then Force-choking a poor bartender to get info out of him. And you know the crazy part?

Ahsoka watches all of this and doesn't say a word.

The inevitable chase and confrontation occur. Anakin knees Obi-Wan in the nuts (I swear!) and Obi-Wan gets to punch Anakin in the face several times. It's kind of like a ROTS preview. Cad Bane jumps in the fray, then it all ends with Obi-Wan doing a choke hold on Anakin. Just before Anakin passes out, Obi-Wan whispers to him, "Anakin, don't follow me."

Ahsoka defends Anakin's unconscious body; fortunately for her and Anakin, the bad guys are simply interested in escaping. But it kind of does reveal why Ahsoka remained silent while in the bar. It's her own attachment to/affection for Anakin (not in a romantic way, natch). She's very devoted to him.

Things are really getting jacked up, aren't they? The Jedi have really effed this up. Anakin realizes at the end Obi-Wan is alive. He can still feel their connection and he vows to get to the bottom of the mystery. Yeah and when you do, it's going to get ug-lay. I think this is going to put a huge rift between Anakin and the Council, especially Mace Windu.

By the way, it is fitting that tonight's episode featured quite a bit of the late Ian Abercrombie as Palpatine. He will be missed.

Next week: The deception continues as the fugitive bounty hunters compete in a cross between the Borg cube and Thunderdome for Count Dooku.

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