Jan. 30th, 2012

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Everybody remembers the scene in ROTJ where Luke confronts blue ghostie!Obi-Wan after a dying Yoda confirmed Darth Vader was Luke’s father. In ANH, ol’ Ben tells Luke his father (Anakin) was killed by Darth Vader, something revealed as at best spin and at worst a flat out lie by Vader himself in TESB. Luke’s upset, at least in a Jedi sort of way, and Obi-Wan tries to continue the spin when he says, “So, what I’ve told you is true from a certain point of view.”

“A certain point of view?” Luke asks incredulously, but still in a Jedi sort of way. Who can blame him? All of this time Yoda and Obi-Wan were setting Luke up to be a patricidal assassin without Luke being in on the patricide part. Now, I think Obi-Wan was justified in not revealing Luke’s parentage when Luke first asks him in ANH. I wouldn’t tell a young, naïve boy who clearly admires the father he’s created in his mind that no, Dad is not a deceased spice freighter navigator, in fact he’s alive right now and is currently the second most-evil guy in the galaxy. Luke would have a nervous breakdown at a time when the galaxy couldn’t afford it.

While hints are dropped in the exchanges with Yoda and with Obi-Wan in TESB, nobody comes right out and says, “Oh by the way, you need to sit down and hear this, even if it isn’t easy.” They blame Luke for “rushing off” and not waiting for when they’re good and ready to drop him the info. Which was probably not until after Luke is standing over Vader’s corpse.

(Can you tell I’m a big Skywalker partisan?)

Anyway, upon seeing the ethically-challenged actions of the Jedi leadership and Obi-Wan’s willingness to deceive even his closest friend, his fellow Jedi, his former kinda but not really lover, and other friends/associates on Clone Wars, I thought the other day, “Wow, this is where it started.” Not only do we see for the first time chronologically Obi-Wan using the pseudonym Ben, we also see Ben Kenobi lying for an alleged greater good for the first time.

Now, I’ve seen Dave Filoni speak a few times. This guy knows Star Wars almost as well as George Lucas does. He really thinks about how all of the pieces fit in the movie saga and I’m willing to bet the moisture farm all of this stuff was in his mind with these episodes.

One of the ideas behind the show is that the shadowy world of the Clone Wars and the increasing power of the Dark Side have forced the Jedi into violating their own principles, supposedly for a valid reason. The Jedi leadership have become secretive, mistrustful, and willing to do anything to win the war. They basically pimped out Padme in “Senate Spy.” They’re willing to serve alongside soldiers who had no choice in being cannon fodder, and in one case, not paying attention to a Jedi Master who was clearly going dark and treating his men like crap. They’re willing to hurt other people to make everyone believe Obi-Wan’s dead.

Obi-Wan has always been, bless his heart, a company man. He serves the Jedi first, even above those he loves. He loves Anakin and I think that even old Ben on Tatooine still loved Anakin in spite of everything. You can tell that affection for his former padawan bleeds over to Luke. But duty comes before anything else and as far as Obi-Wan is concerned, his duty is to finish what was started on Mustafar. If he couldn’t do it, then Luke must. If that requires some obfuscation of the truth and a wee bit of manipulation, so be it.

One could say that Obi-Wan’s “lineage” might also have something to do with his ethics. After all, Dooku ended up a Sith (“lies, deceit are his ways now” says Yoda in AOTC) and Qui-Gon wasn’t exactly 100% honest with Watto either, Mr. I Cheat At Dice.

But I get the gut feeling that Obi-Wan crosses the Rubicon with this undercover mission. Given how chummy they are at the beginning of ROTS, I’ll assume that whatever happens, Anakin will forgive Obi-Wan for this or at the very least, blame the Jedi Council for the whole scheme. But Obi-Wan will not be the same again.

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