Jan. 31st, 2012

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Inspired by the Clone Wars episode "Deception"
Rated PG for angst
Starring: Anakin, Padmé

Anakin lay stretched on the bed, his head resting on Padmé's lap. Tears pooled in his eyes, but he did not sob or make any other sound besides his breathing.

He stared off at the wall, lost in his thoughts as Padmé gently stroked his hair. He had come to her soon after Obi-Wan's body was returned to the Temple. He couldn't bear to be around the Jedi. He couldn't face Ahsoka. He'd failed the one person who was as close to him as his beloved Padmé. The one person who had been his family since leaving his mother.

When he'd arrived at the Senate penthouse, Padmé had already received the news. They held each other and mourned their mutual loss.

All because of a common lowlife, no doubt out to make a name for himself. It was cruel and unjust that a great Master like Obi-Wan should fall at the hands of such an unworthy criminal.

Reflexively, he clenched his artificial hand and tightened his jaw. Padmé saw him tense up and she asked, "What is it?"

"Nothing my love," Anakin said in a hoarse whisper, the only thing he'd said in hours. He relaxed his hand with a deep sigh. When will he ever stop experiencing the pain of losing those closest to him?

He did the only thing he knew how to do…plan on how he was going to capture the assassin and make him pay.

The End

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