Feb. 3rd, 2012

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This weekend is all about partying like it's 1999 because in less than a week, TPM will be back to grace the world with its awesomeness in three-frickin'-dee.

On my Facebook (Lazy Padawan), I'm "dj"-ing a late '90s dance party, remembering the songs that were on the radio as we went in search of the swimming Jar Jar action figure, ate more fried chicken or pizza or tacos to get more TPM goodies, and headed to the theater for yet another showing.

On SWPAS, I've been counting down the last 30 days with 30 Undeniable Facts About TPM.

And you have to check out interesting new stuff posted here: http://acertainpointofview.net/ and this new site, http://phantommenaceholiday.tumblr.com/; it's a hoot.

Plus I'm going to watch "The Beginning," the documentary made for the TPM DVD, and "Waiting For Jar Jar," a short documentary about fans organizing to camp out in front of Washington, D.C.'s Uptown Theater in 1999. Fun stuff.

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