Feb. 4th, 2012

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It's odd that an episode called "The Box" is so very much itself outside of the box. This isn't your usual battle or intrigue with the lines clearly drawn between good guy and bad guy. It's twenty two minutes of an undercover Obi-Wan going through an obstacle course along with a group of bounty hunters that include Cad Bane and our old friend Embo. Instead of something out of "Wipeout" or "American Gladiator," it's a deadly test meant to ensure only the best bounty hunters survived, qualifying them to go on Dooku's kidnapping expedition.

But first..Yoda admits to Anakin they lied to him and yes, Obi-Wan is still alive. Furthermore, Yoda tells Anakin, essentially, "We lied to you because of your emotional instability." He tells Anakin they must trust in Obi-Wan. Frankly, I thought Anakin would be a lot more upset, especially with Yoda flat out telling him, "You're cray-cray." Yeah, like this helped. Interestingly enough, Jesse Hildreth mentioned on Twitter he intentionally matched up the imagery in this scene with Anakin's scene with Yoda in ROTS.

Back on Serenno, Dooku's home planet, the bounty hunters enter The Box designed by Moralo Eval (the bounty hunter sprung out of jail with Cad Bane). It looks like the Borg cube on the outside but inside it's a bunch of moving cubes and pillars, with trap doors and other goodies ready to kill anyone who's not quick or smart enough. Obi-Wan runs through the course like a boss, which annoys Eval. Like a Broadway diva upset the understudy was killing it in her role, Eval tries to trip up Obi-Wan, to no avail. Because Obi-Wan is still a Jedi at heart and not a dirtbag, he saves his fellow bounty hunters whenever he can and even spares Eval's life at the end.

What's interesting though is to see the contradictions in Bane's character. Early on in the episode, he kills an Ithorian over a hat (it's either Bane's to begin with or Bane just wanted it). But when Eval is about to kill Obi-Wan, Bane saves the Jedi (unknowingly of course) because Eval's methods weren't honorable.

The question is, would those "tests" really matter in a plot to abduct a politician? Well, it's a bit elaborate but Dooku is a flamboyant man who spares no expense for his entertainment. But if you couldn't shoot worth a darn, I wouldn't want you on the mission either. Nor if you weren't willing to do whatever it took to make the mission succeed either. Notice that cooperation among the bounty hunters was necessary at some points. There's no "I" in team. If only one species was able to take the juice to get through the barriers, he's the guy you rely on to get it done.

The wheat separated from the chaff, Dooku then tells the survivors they are heading next to Naboo to abduct Palpatine, ergo the title of next week's episode: "Crisis On Naboo."

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