Feb. 29th, 2012

lazypadawan: (madaotcani)
If today's unwelcome news about Clone Wars wasn't enough, EUCantina.com broke the news that the Nomi Sunrider novel by Alex Irvine has been cancelled after several delays.

This was the only book besides "Darth Plagueis" I'd been interested in reading. That was another book that had originally been cancelled, only to be revived and it turned out to be the best expanded universe to come out in years.

Lucas Books and Del Rey have blown it. Maybe some of you don't recall the "Tales of the Jedi" comics from the '90s and don't care, but I loved reading about Nomi. She was a great character. Written years before the prequels and taking place during ancient times, she had been traveling with her Jedi husband and young daughter when he's killed. It's up to the widowed mom to become a Jedi herself and ultimately, she becomes one of the legends of the Order. Here was an opportunity to find out if fans would be interested in a woman starring in a novel and had Irvine's book been well-received, that could have opened the door to books featuring better-known yet neglected heroines like Leia, Padmé, or Ahsoka. Guess that's not happening.

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