Mar. 6th, 2012

lazypadawan: (blackdresspadme)
Anthropologie: Drugs Would Be Cheaper



Sometimes I just wait for stuff to go on sale at Anthro, but you always risk that they're out of your size or they're sold out online and at stores near you.

And from my new fave, AllSaints:


I don't know whether to wait for AllSaints to do a promotional discount, usually 20%, before ordering or wait until I go to Las Vegas later this month, where they have a store, or just buy the darn thing now. Decisions, decisions.

From Zara, where I've been a happy customer since 1995:


Zara ALWAYS has amazing sales, but will my size still be available by then?

And now I'm looking into getting a new bedroom set. Somebody needs to up my salary!

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