Mar. 27th, 2012

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Steve Sansweet posted on his Facebook an account of Ralph McQuarrie's funeral on Sunday:

Ralph A. McQuarrie was remembered for his “quiet brilliance” at a Solemn Requiem Mass Sunday afternoon at St. Mark’s Episcopal Church in Berkeley, California. The service was proceeded with the playing of Taps for the Korean War veteran, and a flag draping his coffin was folded and given to his wife Joan. The Mass was filled with the beautiful sound of hymns sung by the St. Mark’s Choir Association, and it ended with the Star Wars Main Theme played on the organ.

The congregation was made up of family, friends, and former colleagues of the quiet and talented artist who provided the look of so much of the original Star Wars Trilogy. Among those in attendance: George Lucas; his long-time aide Jane Bay; ILM model-shop greats including Dennis Muren, Lorne Peterson, Steve Gawley, and Jon Berg; artists inspired by Ralph including Doug Chiang, Kilian Plunkett, Lawrence Noble, and many, many more. On the podium was an enlargement of a portrait of Ralph presented to him on his 80th birthday by Tsuneo Sanda. The portrait also graced the cover of the program.

You can see the program here:
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Here are the artists who will be hawking their wares at Celebration VI...I'm psyched Tsuneo Sanda is doing a commissioned work. Hope he'll be there!

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