Apr. 7th, 2012

lazypadawan: (boogie yoda)
After l'affaire Clone Wars, I thought I'd try to be a little more understanding of fans who find themselves unhappy with something.

Sorry, I just can't do it with the Star Wars Kinect game. The game itself looks to me like it's Fun For The Whole Family rather than a Call Of Duty/Halo/Mass Effect type of serious game. If you want that kind of action, I think SWTOR is more up your alley. I don't really game at all, so I can't say if the Kinect game is any good or not.

Irrespective of quality, what really riled up the peanut gallery is the dance part of the game, as though they did something blasphemous.

How dare you show Han Solo...dancing!!--Star Wars Rage Boy

I watched video of the dance games on YouTube and they're GOLD! I agree with [livejournal.com profile] jawajames...they need to have a Kinect dance off at Celebration! And I want to be able to buy those songs on iTunes!

I'd like to know...have these people ever heard of crackfic? Have they ever heard of a filk? And it's not as though we've never seen dancing Star Wars characters before either. What about the Easter Egg on the ROTS DVD where Yoda dances with a bunch of clonetroopers? What about the Hyperspace Hoopla at Disney Star Wars Weekends? What about the father-son dance off skit in "Robot Chicken?"

It just seems to me that it's almost impulsive these days to attack Star Wars and or Lucas for any reason. There's no margin for fun anymore and Star Wars is in part goofy fun. If the game doesn't appeal to you, that's fine but if there's anything ruining the franchise, it's the alleged fans.

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