Apr. 9th, 2012

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This weekend, bazillions of hipsters will descend upon the Coachella Valley (roughly the Palm Springs area) for the annual three-day music fest (and repeat the whole thing the following weekend, which I guess makes it a six-day fest). Usually there's a mix of old-timers/established acts, reunited acts, hot-right-now-with-cool-people acts, and up 'n comers, some of which managed to make the big time since appearing at the show.

If I were about 20 years younger, I'd cheerfully sit in evil traffic on I-10 for six hours getting to the show. But now, I'd rather wait for the acts to come here than bother with that mess. I spend enough time in traffic, thank you. The worst thing about Coachella though is that the Celebs took it over. From the Daily Beast:

"Owing to Coachella’s proximity to Los Angeles, the fest is typically a Hollywood-heavy affair, teeming with movie stars, models, porn performers, and reality-TV regulars."

Not to mention the wannabes, hanger-ons, etc. who inevitably travel in celebrities' wake.

Just as with other events that were once cool but drew too much media attention like SXSW, Coachella has become a fashion show and a paparazzi photo op set against the backdrop of a music fest. You know it's bad when everybody from Shopbop.com to Rachel Zoe to H&M is Tweeting their ideas for Coachella-wear. It seems like everybody photographed at the event wears the same faux-hemian uniform:

I'm. So. Cool.

Yes, dress like a hippie on a socialite's budget: $2000 bag, $1000 boots, $200 denim shorts, $400 sunglasses, $500 top.

I remember a time when no celebrity wanted to be even near the punks, the industrial and goth crowd, or Deadheads. Now it seems the whole point of Coachella is to catch Scarlett Johanssen coming out of a Port-A-Potty, Miley Cyrus buying weed off of somebody, or seeing Vanessa Hudgens walking along, Tweeting to her followers how much fun she's having at Coachella as photographers crowd around her. Let me tell you, most of these starlets, supermodels, and young actors don't have a clue about the bands they're supposedly seeing. Your average actor is living in Theater Geek World and knows little else. Now, I don't have a problem with concert goers learning about and seeing new acts. It's part of the fun of an event like this one. But they're not there for that reason. They're there to see and be seen. Heck, they just take private jets into town...they won't even have to brave it on the 10. What sucks is that they take up tickets and tent space from people who really do want to see Florence + The Machine or Radiohead.

Of course, the event also allows ample opportunity for unattractive dweeby musicians to scan the audience for available actresses and models. It's a win-win for the entertainment industry breeding pool. Barf.

Now this event, the Elf Fantasy Fair Haarzuilens, sounds like a blast. Take Comic Con, a Ren Faire, a music fest (goth, folk, Celtic, Medieval, etc.), a craft fair, and university courses on art and literature, throw 'em in a blender, and dump it on the grounds of a genuine Dutch Medieval castle:


And not a single ex-Disney Channel star in sight.

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