Aug. 24th, 2012

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Addenda from 8/22

An Evening With Kevin Smith—Read Big Shiny Robot’s recap here:

He defends the prequels once more.

The TPM screening Thursday night was in 3D and people got exclusive 3D glasses!

Del-Rey Panel

*There will be a new series featuring Han, Luke, & Leia called “Rebels,” with each book focusing on a different character. The Leia POV novel is by former Star Wars fan fic author Martha Wells. Wells wrote mostly Han and Han/Leia fan fic for zines back in the '80s before she turned pro. She should do a really good job with Leia. I'm actually looking forward to this.

*There's a new Jaina trilogy called “Sword of the Jedi” by Christie Golden that takes place after the Fate of the Jedi series.

*Paul Kemp’s duology is still a secret.

*Current “Mercy Kill” X-Wing novel a NYT bestseller.

*Drew Karphyshyn’s Old Republic novel due out Nov. 2.

*Troy Denning's "Crucible" kicks off a new post-FOTJ series and it starts with Han shooting first in a cantina.

*There's an upcoming book based on the Dawn of the Jedi comics.

*"The Last Jedi" is supposed to follow up on the Coruscant Night series.

*There's going to be an e-book prologue to "Scoundrels" about a sabacc match by Timothy Zahn

*Del Rey is going to have a points program for pimping their stuff on social media.

Full recap here:

My two cents' I said, I'm looking forward to seeing something written by a former Star Wars fan author. As for the rest of it? Whatevs. It's nice they are taking Fangirl Blog's advice and finally putting heroines up front and center. I've wanted a Leia-centric book for over 20 years. But they still cancelled the Nomi Sunrider novel. And Padmé still gets the shaft.

Clone Wars voice actors panel

*Tom Kane not into Tweeting

*Matt Lanter and Ashley Eckstein had recorded a session with everyone else kicked out…hmmm…I don't know if this was for Season Five or Six.

Star Wars Detours panel

*The Detours Facebook page is here:

*YouTube has the same trailer, clips that are on the Facebook page

*Will feature (surviving) characters from all of the movies; takes place between Eps III and IV

*Three settings: Death Star, Dex’s Diner (!!!), and Jabba's Palace

*Leia’s the Paris Hilton of her time, Han and Chewie are like an old married couple, Palpatine is just like the Palpatine from Robot Chicken

*Voice actors include Zachary Levi (as Biff Tarkin), Catherine Taber (as Leia), Dee Bradley Baker (as clone troopers), Anthony Daniels, Billy Dee Williams, Ahmed Best, Todd McFarlane, Donald Faison (who made a surprise appearance), Breckin Meyer, Felicia Day, Weird Al Yankovic, and Todd Grimes

*Todd Grimes serves as the show’s “Dave Filoni”

*Writers include Jane Espensen

*Detours panel tomorrow will have more new clips!

My verdict: It's Robot Chicken You Can Show Your Kids. There's some funny stuff in there and I'm glad they're embracing the whole saga.

Clone Wars Season Five Premiere

*Clone Wars will get a new day and time on Cartoon Network: Saturdays at 9:30 a.m. (God, why????)

*Season Premiere is on 9/29

*Overflow crowds, people had to be turned away even with scores of fans simultaneously lining up for Mark Hamill

*No replacement yet for Ian Abercrombie, who passed away earlier this year. Most of his work for Season Five is already done.

*Overwhelmingly positive Tweets on premiere itself and on new trailer shown.

*On premiere episode, Snaggletooth makes an appearance and Hondo steals the show.

*Maul and Mandos possibly team up during the season?

*Obi-Wan will continue to get his butt kicked.

Other stuff: The big 501st banquet got a visit by the Emperor himself along with every BNF in Star Wars fandom. Not a lot was said at the Hasbro panel; most of the news came out at Comic Con. Disney is going to put out merch mashups of Star Wars and Cars (now those are two kids' licensing powerhouses) and Star Wars and the Muppets. Mark Hamill said at his chat that he'd LOVE to guest on Clone Wars (ya hear that, Filoni?).

Tomorrow: the general Clone Wars panel, the future of Star Wars in 3D (please God, let them announce a release date for AOTC), and the James Arnold Taylor/Carrie Fisher doubleheader.

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