Aug. 25th, 2012

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Well, obviously the big news of the day was George Lucas's surprise appearance at the convention. He toured the exhibit hall first and my friend Debbie, undoubtedly the first person in line to get in, managed to snap a lot of pictures of him wandering around.

Lucas then went on to make surprise appearances at the Clone Wars panel with Dave Filoni and Joel Aron, and at today's Detours panel with Seth Green and Matthew Senreich.

Most of today's panels were of the You Had To Be There variety and less breaking news. But here's what I managed to glean:

Clone Wars Season Five Panel

*Great news fangirls...we get to go inside Anakin's bedroom at the Jedi Temple ;). Anakin has decorations, stuff he tinkers with, and other tchotchkes, which are unusual for a Jedi. There's a Ben Quadinaros podracing poster on his wall, heh heh.

*Clones are as much a symbol of tyranny to many in the Republic as droid armies.

*It's Anakin's idea to train rebels to fight against the Separatists, marking the zillionth time Anakin does something that brings about the fall of the Empire later on.

*Obi-Wan reveals just how aware he is of Anakin and Padmé's relationship. He confronts Anakin about Anakin's jealousy of Clovis and Padmé. Anakin is going to be quicker to anger this season. The war is wearing down on everyone.

*Anakin figures prominently in the season finale and Filoni said he was proud of Lanter's performance in that episode.

*Ahsoka is the balance point between Anakin and Obi-Wan. Filoni says casting Ashley Eckstein was one of the best decisions he's made. He praised Eckstein for engaging female fans; almost 40% of Clone Wars's audience now are girls.

*There are new character models of Artoo and Yoda.

*A clip with old school Star Tours-type ice comets was shown.

*Artoo is going on a mission with other droids.

*Many types of clones will be featured on the show, including more Republic Commandoes.

*There will be a trip to Mustafar.

*Darth Maul and the Mandalorians will hook up with Black Sun. There will be Falleens but not Prince Xizor.

*Maul gets new legs

The Future of Star Wars In 3D Panel

This was mostly technical stuff with Dennis Muren and John Knoll about the process of turning a 2D film into 3D. There was footage of AOTC 3D shown and there was much rejoicing. Many Tweets have said the film looks incredible, even better than TPM 3D.

There was no release date given although Muren noted the process takes about a year. Since work began on AOTC in January, I figure that we will see the film at the earliest in February 2013.

Clone Wars Press Conference

This was closed to the public but the IGN guy got to go. Season 5 is mostly four-part arcs that are like an 88-minute movie each. Dave Filoni would love to have Mark Hamill guest on Clone Wars but it has to be in a meaningful role (make it happen!).

In other news: There was a packed house to see the NASA panel, ironically the same day the world loses Neil Armstrong. Several Clone Wars cast members performed a radio-style audio drama by Kyle Newman called "Smugglers Run" to many accolades. Newman would love to have the cast come back to do a prequel-themed story. James Arnold Taylor performed his show "Talking To Myself" and then sat down to interview Carrie Fisher. Sheesh, this guy's going to have no voice left! Carrie is well, Carrie, and this time she talked about punishing her daughter with "The Star Wars Holiday Special," choosing either purple or magenta for a lightsaber blade, and at the end spanked James Arnold Taylor.

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