Sep. 5th, 2012

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Remember Jason Biggs, the guy who became famous for meretricious relations with a pie among other things in those nasty “American Pie” flicks? He is among the voice talent for Nickelodeon’s “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” show, which debuts on September 29.

But that’s not what is drawing attention to the former pastry fornicator these days. I always say that if I were a Hollywood agent or publicist, I would make damn sure my clients stayed off of social media unless somebody with half a brain and is sober 24/7 was making posts for them. Unfortunately for Biggs, he has a Twitter account as does his wife, an alleged actress who doesn't seem to have done much besides obsess over sex toys (getting herself kicked off of Instagram in the process) and write pieces online about how she hired a hooker to help spice up her not-that-long marriage. Biggs posted some truly misogynistic, disgusting things. When I say disgusting, I mean it. They are VILE. I will not repost them here and while the actor has deleted the offensive Tweets from his account, I have seen the screencaps. The internet is forever. The Mrs. also made some really nauseating comments about eighth grade girls and their um, body parts concerning the Teen Choice Awards.

Nickelodeon, seemingly unaware of the kind of posts Biggs and his wife were making on Twitter, linked to his account in a Tweet about TMNT. I realize TMNT has an adult and teenage fan base, but there are kids who love them too. I’ll just reiterate that Biggs’s posts were appalling enough to me and I’m 43. Could you imagine a 10-year-old being exposed to that stuff? Oh sure, you might say a kid that young shouldn’t be on Twitter but why would Nickelodeon, a children’s/family network, have a Twitter account if kids weren’t on there? Even if you monitored every Twitter account Junior followed, there’s no reason to think Nickelodeon’s account wasn’t “safe.” Until now.

Now there’s a push to get Nickelodeon to dump Biggs from the show. So far Nickelodeon hasn't taken any action but the Colorado Rockies have dropped plans for a Nickelodeon Night at one of their games. Normally I would say that a performer’s personal opinions and his personal life are his business and if we were to make sure we only had kid-appropriate performers we’d actually allow to use our bathrooms at home, the talent pool would be very small indeed. It doesn’t matter unless it goes public, such as an arrest for DUI or driving around with a few kilos of coke in your car. I don’t like to deprive anyone of a livelihood. On the other hand, posting stuff under your own name on the internet IS making your personal life public and frankly, it’s stupid for a children’s network to associate with someone like that.

I follow all of the Clone Wars main players on Twitter. I think they realize they are ambassadors for the show, even with Matt Lanter’s other commitments on “90210." They know how important the show is to us and the importance of the Star Wars brand. They are more aware of it than even the folks who were in the movies (cough, cough). I can tell you they've never posted anything in the league of what Jason Biggs posted.

So in conclusion, I say, “Watch Clone Wars on September 29 instead!” Yay!
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On August 30,, a web site for WPLG 10 in South Florida (Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, West Palm Beach) posted a slideshow of photos from Celebration VI with mocking captions like “here are thousands of men without a date." Several cosplayers and fans standing in line to see Mark Hamill were the most common targets (not to mention Hamill and Jake Lloyd). Not all of the captions were bad per se, but many were definitely beyond gentle humor and were quite insulting and mean. For some reason it took a few days for people to notice but when they did, hoo boy. Condemnations flew from all quarters of fandom, including from the 501st, Mandalorian Mercs, The, and Ashley Eckstein. Just to give you a taste, Geek Mom on has captured for posterity one of the captions: took down the post, reinstated it, then took it down again, reinstated it, then took it down again. When I saw it, there was no byline on the piece and no comment section. Gee, you think this might upset some people? The worst thing about it was a disclaimer of sorts at the end claiming the “author” (whoever that may be) was really a fan too. Somehow, I doubt that. They tried to respond as well with kind of a faux sorry-if-you're-offended apology but that was taken down too. Local 10 started scrubbing its Facebook page, then shut it down.

I’ll get straight to the point here. Local 10 owes an apology. There’s no way in hell Local 10 or any other so-called mainstream media site would have covered a gay pride event with mocking photos of participants. Anyone who had done the same thing on a slideshow of the Special Olympics would have been strung from the nearest tree. It doesn’t occur to anyone to post mocking photos of fans going to see a football, basketball, or baseball game. Yet fans like you and me remain targets.

Local 10 isn’t some fandom or media or geek culture blog where I’m not at all surprised some loser wants to show how cool he is by trashing other fans. It’s supposed to be a professional outfit where there’s supposed to be professional standards. Was there an editor home? Why laugh at attendees instead of focusing on the gal with the gorgeous meadow picnic gown she made herself or the cute kids in Ewok costumes?

The San Diego Union-Tribune and the local t.v. channels do not make fun of Comic Con attendees. EVER. They all know those wacky kids and crazy geeks dump craploads of money on our town every year. From what I've seen of the Orlando media coverage of Celebration, it was respectful.

Whoever went from Local 10 to Celebration IV did a lousy job representing the credibility of his news organization and said organization’s poor reaction to complaints doesn’t reflect on it very well either. Lucasfilm and Reed MUST get involved. The PR departments need to get on the horn with WPLG's management and insist on a full apology immediately. Local 10 violated what fans consider a safe space in order to expose people to ridicule. This was a hit job, not reporting the news or covering an event. If WPLG management does not apologize, then I think that Lucasfilm and Reed should deny them access to future events and interviews.

I found this meme on Facebook:

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