Oct. 7th, 2012

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The first in a multi-part arc finds our heroes assisting an insurgence movement on Onderon (and on, and on, and on...). It's Anakin's bright idea to help pro-Republic rebels after Onderon's king decides to throw in with the Separatists.

The Council is reluctant, not wanting to get involved with "terrorism." Anakin convinces the Council to send him and Ahsoka as advisers there to train the rebels, so long as the weapons used are useful only against droids. Obi-Wan volunteers to supervise to keep Anakin and Ahsoka out of trouble. Rex comes along to train.

But Ahsoka quickly ends up in a bizarre love rectangle as she re-encounters Lux among the rebels. A female rebel named Steela also has the hots for Lux and she glowers at Ahsoka whenever her past association with Lux comes up. Whenever Lux flirts with Steela, it ticks off Ahsoka. The rebel leader apparently has the hots for Steela, so Lux ticks him off. To get back at Steela and Lux, the rebel leader guy gets a little chummy with Ahsoka. Matt Lanter must've felt right at home because this was like a "90210" episode. After a while Anakin notices this is having an effect on Ahsoka when he asks her if she's losing focus.

Lightsaber Rattling had an interesting theory that this season will test the issue of attachment with Ahsoka, Anakin, and Obi-Wan. Ahsoka's relationship with Lux is the focus here first. We know eventually Anakin and Padmé will meet up with Clovis, reigniting Anakin's jealousy of Padmé's ex. Satine's relationship with Obi-Wan might come up again later in the season. We'll have to see if it pans out but it makes sense.

Anakin unwittingly creates the template for the Rebel Alliance though it remains to be seen if any of these characters survive to be part of that Alliance against the Empire later on. It would not be surprising if Lux for example were to get involved, trusting neither the Republic nor the Separatists. But the reaction of the Council is interesting. They've already embroiled themselves in a war, putting themselves in a position they were never comfortable with in the first place. Now they're just not outwardly liberating planets that don't want to be invaded by the Seps, they are trying to undermine and overthrow governments that don't swing the Republic's way. Anakin is a smart tactician but his militaristic way of thinking is out-of-whack with the Jedi's navel-gazing tendencies.

It is also interesting to note that in the Empire years, Yoda never gets himself involved in the war. Obi-Wan never really did either, save for his spectral advice or his escapades on the Death Star and that was a rescue mission of Anakin's progeny. Yoda doesn't insist that Luke take him back to Rebel leadership so he can join in the fight. His only focus is on the Sith. It could be the Clone Wars and what happens with this insurgency on Onderon left a permanent yucky taste in his mouth, even if it meant helping the good guys. Of course taking out the Sith was the key to winning overall.

The animation on this episode blew me away. I'm just impressed with what they can do every season.

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