Oct. 26th, 2012

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It’s Halloween party time. You’re short on time, money, talent, and imagination. You’re not a cosplayer so that’s out the window. You don’t feel like getting into a fist fight at Party City or Spirit over that last costume. You don’t want to go as a “cereal killer” again. Ladies, you want an alternative to looking like a hooker or a stripper. So, what do you do?

Well, here are some cheap and easy Halloween costume ideas. Remember, you’re not trying to win a prize here, just get a costume together fast.

1. Zombie/Undead

This is simple because you don’t have to look like an extra from the “Thriller” video, just look creepy. All you need to do that is cover your face with white powder or flour, mess up your hair, and smudge black kohl eyeliner or eyeshadow around your eyes. Make sure your clothes are as disheveled as possible.

2. Con Goer

This will only work if you’re going to a non-fan function. Put on your badge, get your swag bag, and put your favorite fan tee on. Did you get any freebie hats or pins at the last con? Wear those too. Spoof the con a little. If you’re going as a DragonCon attendee, carry an empty booze bottle or drink out of a flask. If you’re going as a Comic Con attendee, make a sign that says “LINE STARTS HERE.” Or wear a “FREE HUGS” sign around your neck.

3. Disney park tourist

A variation of the time-honored tacky tourist, all you have to do is gather up your mouse ears, your Disney shirt of choice (better yet if you have a shirt from one of the parks), a lanyard with your favorite trading pins, and whatever wearable Disney paraphernalia you have. Be sure to wear shorts and a fanny pack. Bonus points if you wear a Disney World rain poncho. If you’re doing a group costume, have everybody wear tee shirts in the same color, like you’re one large family at the park.

4. #1 Fan

Whether you’re into sports, gaming, some pop star, or something fannish, just load up the paraphernalia (all from the same thing): hats, jerseys/tees, shoes, socks, pins, those foam #1 hands, whatever. The more the better.

5. Person Of Wal-Mart

Be inspired by the popular website People Of Wal-Mart! Gather up those Wal-Mart shopping bags lying around the house and put together the tackiest outfit you can from your sweats, pajamas, lounging shorts, etc.. If you dare to hit any costume store, snag a mullet wig or some rub-on tattoos. (Note: I shop at Wal-Mart all of the time and have never seen any of the kind of shoppers featured on POWM. I guess I don’t go to the right stores at the right time.) Variation: Person of Whole Foods…get some hippie gear and some Whole Foods recyclable bags.

6. Paranormal Investigator

All this requires are some Affliction-type tees, hoodies, jeans, a flashlight, and whatever you want to use as your investigation equipment. I think there’s an iPhone app that’s an EMF meter.

7. Vampire Slayer

All you have to do is swing by Home Depot, pick up a stake from the garden department, and put on a cross necklace or crucifix.

8. Rosie The Riveter

I saw this on another website. All ladies have to do is put on a denim shirt, blue jeans, and a red kerchief around the head. Bring some tools along.
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A while back I posted about some earrings from Tiffany that are similar to the earrings Padmé wore at the beginning of ROTS.

Well, I have sort of good news. I found an even more accurate set of earrings that cost way less than the Tiffany version. Behold these babies from the Nina Garcia X Bauble Bar collaboration for only $24:


However, these earrings are sold out for now so you'll have to get put on the waiting list. Bauble Bar routinely replenishes sold out stock, so cross your fingers! You'll have to join Bauble Bar (it's free).
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Not that I watch besides occasionally taking in episodes of "Cheaters," but G4 is dumping its geek culture/gaming programming and changing to a "lifestyle network" aimed at the "modern man." Others are calling it a "GQ" or "Esquire" channel. So it'll be the metrosexual answer to Spike.

Just to show that G4 is serious, it cancelled today its two flagship shows "X Play" and "Attack of the Show."

Yeah, I know, I'm broken up too. One less outlet for prequel bashing! God, I'm so sad...

(Actually I feel bad for the crew losing their jobs but that's about it.)

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