Nov. 1st, 2012

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Mark Hamill confirmed via that he found out about Eps VII-IX while he and Carrie Fisher were having a private lunch with George Lucas at Celebration VI.

The Disney deal though was a total surprise to him.

I take it a sign that it's entirely possible they may be involved in some way. Fisher can't do a full length feature anymore, but can handle short cameo appearances here and there if she does anything onscreen. We'll just have to see what pans out!
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Well, at least up until after the Disney podcaster's segment. It's a long 2 hour and 45 minute show but the first half of it provides a wealth of information, particularly from Steve Sansweet and from said Disney podcaster. Among the tidbits mentioned: licensing guru Howard Roffman had just retired for a short period of time and is now back, Sansweet serving as consultant, Lucasfilm employees being reassured they're still going to do their thing, and the possibility of a "Star Wars Land" at Disney Shanghai:

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