Dec. 3rd, 2012

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I have to admit I was really disappointed that the Anakin/Padme stuff got pushed back AGAIN, this time until almost the end of the season, so I was kind of “eh” on watching this episode.

That was until I realized that every second of it was like torture on the viewers who only want constant war, action, splosions, and lightsaber battles. Don’t get me wrong, it genuinely was a fun and entertaining episode but it’s soooooo what the haters don’t want in Star Wars: humor, whimsical characters, and a childlike charm.

Several droids are recruited to carry out a mission that has to do with breaking General Grievous’s encryption code, including Artoo, QTKT (the droid based on the pink R2KT), and a funny, overeager pit droid WAC-47. Their leader is Colonel Gascon, a tough military guy who has been around since Geonosis. If you missed seeing him in AOTC, there’s good reason for it. He’s really small. But he can jump around like crazy. This unlikely crew of droids and one tiny leader go off on their mission, doing adorable and funny things along the way. Eventually the droids run into the bad guys but Artoo and his friends, including an unlikely hero in the pit droid, help save the day.

This episode is similar to the recently ones with the younglings where everybody learns their worth and contributes something of value to the mission. The pit droid seems like a blustery screw-up whose bravado is potentially trouble and he’s always calling the colonel “corporal,” but when it counted, he came through. All of the droids are outfitted for the mission by a character who is a cross between a mad scientist and Q from the James Bond movies and each droid’s modification ends up serving a purpose in the end: individual contributions in the spirit of teamwork.

Aside from the Big Lesson of the week though, it is quite difficult to pull off a lighthearted episode where almost everyone is a droid, yet the writers are skilled enough to pull it off. The key is to give your droids a lot of personality, a technique Star Wars has always done well. There was some nice attention to detail too, like Anakin briefly touching Artoo’s dome before leaving the briefing room, as though he’s saying, “Good luck, little buddy.” Another great attention to detail was the pit droid fighting another droid, where he pulls some WWE moves. I thought that was hilarious.

Kids and the kind of fans who like droids and the lighter side of Star Wars will appreciate this episode.
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There's a new vid today with Kathleen Kennedy, Papa George, and Lynne Hale as they talk about the Star Wars phenomenon. No earth shattering news but an interesting short chat:

Meanwhile, apparently Lucas was asked about his involvement in Eppy VII and his response was "I don't really have much to do," which makes sense since he retired to do his own stuff. But I wouldn't be at all surprised if he doesn't drop by the set or post-production every now and then! As we all know, Star Wars is a hard habit to break.

Just ask our pal, Ewan McGregor. He'd love to come back!

As I've said on the SWPAS Facebook page, fine with me! It seems to me that Ewan's far more of a fan of all of this than the publicity has let on and over the past few years, it seems to me Ewan kinda misses the GFFA. I don't see why they can't sneak in a holo or a spectral visit in this new trilogy. I say it's entirely possible Anakin taught him the ability to look young and sexy again ;).

But there's another possibility. Disney wants to do spinoff movies that can take place in any timeframe featuring different characters a la Marvel. How about an Obi-Wan film that takes place between ROTS and ANH? They're publishing that book "Kenobi." Why not make that into a movie? That would be SWEEET. *Rubs hands eagerly.*

I read a new post on the official Star Wars blog from Steve Sansweet on the crazy rumors of the past and a post on Club Jade about the Spoiler Wars of '97-'98. I agree with Club Jade on getting a handle on disseminating information and that giving LOTS of behind-the-scenes content and stuff like they did with ROTS is the way to go. It won't stop the crackpot rumors but it will control on-set moles or people stealing scripts and trying to sell them to fan sites.

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