Dec. 4th, 2012

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This time from hack Nikki Finke of Deadeyed Hollywood.

The set up is that on a special episode of “Extreme Makeover Home Edition” that aired the other night, some members of the 501st in armor volunteered to help renovate a family’s home. If you’ve seen the show before, you know that scores of volunteers are involved with these things.

Finke, whose heart makes the Grinch’s look ten times too large, decides this is synergy taken too far. The program airs on ABC, whose parent company is Disney, now the parent company of Lucasfilm. She blasts this appalling display of do-gooderism:

"I always thought reversing fanboy disgust over George Lucas’ unbridled filmmaking greed and turgid storylines and stilted direction would be the most difficult job facing Kathleen Kennedy and Bob Iger after their deal bringing Lucasfilm to Disney was announced a month ago. Ah, silly me. Because it’s oh-so-apparent that the truly Herculean task ahead will be assuring fanboys that Disney and Luscasfilm don’t further eff up the Star Wars franchise through unnecessary synergy. Disney doesn’t even technically own Lucasfilm yet. But already ABC ensnared Star Wars characters a year ago into last night’s treacly Christmas-themed special episode of Extreme Makeover: Home Edition. 'I just saw the opening two minutes and they had Darth Vader and his Storm Troopers helping build a new house!' one Star Wars fanboy complained to me. 'This is disgusting and it’s exactly what people were afraid of with Disney buying Star Wars. They are ruining the franchise by using it for trivial bullshit. Please write about this. It’s outrageous and it’s totally wrong.'

Wow, calling Lucas greedy and a bad director and knocking charity in just a few sentences, all because some unnamed hateboy, if he exists, urged her to write about this so-called travesty. This was so bad even "Big Baby" Rob Bricken at i09 thought it was a bridge too far and referred this hateboy as the worst Star Wars fan ever.

Really? This is something to complain about?! “Extreme Makeover Home Edition” was cancelled a while ago, probably before this episode could have aired. Maybe ABC had some programming space open on its schedule so decided to air this Christmas-themed show. We don’t know how long Disney’s acquisition was in the works but I don’t think ABC or the show’s producers knew about it a year ago, and definitely not the guys from the 501st. Maybe I missed something but from the ads, I couldn’t even tell the 501st was involved. Even if it was Disney using one show to tout its latest member of the “family,” so what? The show has always shipped the family off to Disneyland or Walt Disney World for a magical weekend while Ty Pennington and Co. fix up the house. These folks suffered great misfortune, so they were getting a dream house and a mini vacation for free. Gosh, how awful.

These butt wipe excuses for human beings (Finke and the alleged hateboy, if he exists) are outraged over cosplayers rebuilding a house. Or is it mere posturing, faux outrage because people like Finke and the alleged hateboy look for any and all excuses to trash someone they don’t like? They hold Lucas to an impossible standard then eviscerate him when he doesn’t live up to it; a standard by the way that Finke probably doesn’t apply to anyone else. I’ve seen it happen over and over again in the entertainment press and in similar blogs.

No doubt Finke plans to go to war against Episode VII and the Star Wars franchise as a whole. Trust me, this was just the shot across the bow. Why? Because she thinks that will make her even more popular with an internet army of a-holes she believes are willing to agree with her. To her, Lucas—even as a retiree—and Star Wars need to be taken down. It needs to quench her blood lust to defeat something “big.” Even if they have to step on some 501st guys and a family that lost a home to do it.

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