Dec. 26th, 2012

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J.J. Abrams told "Empire" magazine he "declined early on" directing Episode VII:

It seems to me the convo probably went more like this:

"Hey, guess what they're making more Star Wars movies."

"God help the poor bastard they pick to make that thing! Don't even ask me! Trekkies are easier to please!"

Eh, fine by me. The King of the Lens Flare is what I call a Fifty Percenter. The last thing I want is a director who's determined to "fix" the saga his way and ignore or try to retroactively discredit the prequels. We need somebody who respects Lucas's vision as a whole, not an overgrown fanboy looking to create a late '70s nostalgia piece.

That's nearly all of the fanboy faves, isn't it? They've all demurred, citing "other projects" or "fear."

Again, think outside of the box:

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