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What better to do on Christmas Eve than to outwardly ponder what I think would be neat to see in Eppy VII?

For one thing, I’m putting the whole post-ROTJ expanded universe continuity off the shelf. They may use a few things from the piles of books and comics set in that timeframe but as Lucasfilm reiterated, this is an entirely new story and it’s based on Lucas’s notes for Eps 7-9. Ewan McGregor recently told the Washington Post in an interview that Lucas had told him while filming the prequels that there always was a last part of the story, but at that point Lucas didn’t think they’d ever be made.

So with the field wide open and assuming it still takes place within the lifetimes of Luke, Leia, Han, et al., here are some of my brain doodles:

For one thing, I’d like to see what the galaxy is like with the Force in balance so we can all truly understand what is meant by Anakin’s whole mission as the Chosen One. In Episodes I-III, the shadow of the Dark Side was falling across the galaxy as the Sith’s power was rising and the Republic was in decline. In Episodes IV-VI, the Dark Side was firmly in control as personified by the Empire’s tight grip on the galaxy and the only hope left consisted of underdogs: a farmboy with crash course Jedi training, band of scattered Rebels, criminals, Ewoks, and aging Jedi Masters who had been hiding out for several years. The sun’s back out in Episode VII, the Republic finally is the place of legend, the Jedi Order is restored, and the is universe at peace. One of my pet theories is that with the Force in balance and the galaxy in a new golden age, the door is open to all kinds of abilities that might have been suppressed for a long time by the Dark Side. In short, Luke and his posse of new Jedi will kick butt in ways we have not seen before.

I also think that, as in the expanded universe, Luke will make some tweaks to the Jedi Order that will help them avoid the same pitfalls that destroyed the Order at the end of the Clone Wars. Maybe the new Jedi will operate independently from the Republic (this would be smart). Maybe someone like Leia could be sort of an envoy between the Senate (assuming the Republic restores the Senate) and the Jedi, but none of this crap where the Supreme Chancellor can put his boy on the Council whenever he feels like it. Never again will the Jedi just be sent off to fight a war based on a Senate vote. The Council will keep its own counsel on what it does. The no nookie rule? I can’t see Luke keeping that one either since in a post Order 66 galaxy, beggars can’t be choosers and I don’t see people abandoning their families en masse to go play with lightsabers. As I’ve always said, I can imagine the reply Luke would get if he told Leia she had to dump Han to fulfill her destiny. Unless Leia declines to become a Jedi for that reason. Hmm…

Of course it remains to be seen if the Luke of Episode VII gets a Mrs. Skywalker or not.

All of that said, Luke and Co. have to be secondary players to a whole new generation of heroes. That’s the way it works in Star Wars. The old guys make room for the new, some prematurely (this might be the trilogy where Luke or any one of our fave heroes goes off to Valhalla). We’ll see another batch of heroes and heroines embark on their epic journey of discovery. I think that since Lucas always described the movies as a symphony that echoes parts of each other, I think we’re going to find a young hero in the lead and the primary heroine someone with political clout (like Padme Amidala—former queen and senator—or Leia—former senator and princess) and some third guy along for the ride (Obi-Wan in the prequels, Han in the first set of flicks). They may or may not be related to the Skywalker family, though I think for continuity’s sake they’re likely to be.

All of that said, there has to be a villain, an antagonist or else there’s no tension in the story. Back in 1992, I thought “Dark Empire” was the bees’ knees. But I don’t want to see a Recycled!Palpatine in a new movie, largely because of the way the prequels have influenced the way I look at the story overall since then. Bringing back Sidious or cloning him or whatever would undermine and cheapen Anakin’s big Chosen One moment in ROTJ. That was the moment he finally fulfilled his mission and brought balance to the Force. It would be ridiculous to boot. A few days ago, Timothy Zahn—yes I’m bringing in Tim Zahn—mentioned in an interview about his new book “Scoundrels” that he’d like to see something beyond Guy May Or May Not Fall To The Dark Side, and to be honest, I would too. The Sith have been defeated, leave them there. A possibility is something like the Yuuzhan Vong, an outside alien force that threatens the galaxy through its military strength and its utter brutality. Another possibility is a sect of dark magic users like the Nightsisters. The Clone Wars series established that magic co-exists with the Force in the Star Wars universe. They may not be able to cosmically shift things but can create a lot of instability and trouble. There may be political forces such as differing philosophies causing tension. Maybe there are still many in the galaxy who don’t trust the Jedi, including among the political leadership. But the villain has to be bigger than life, someone who can go toe-to-toe with the Jedi, not just some corporate schmuck looking to pollute a planet or something lame like that.

Speaking of The Clone Wars, I’d love to see elements of the show turn up in awesome and unexpected ways (that came from Lucas’s brain therefore it is parallel with the film canon). Who knows, maybe Ahsoka survived all of these years and runs the Jedi Order with Luke. Maybe we’ll see Mortis in film form. Boy, would I do a happy dance!

It would also be fabulous if there was greater attempts to further tie the six existing films together. Let’s see some Naberrie cousins and visits back to Naboo. Let’s see Luke chatting with Anakin’s Force ghost or Qui-Gon. Or some Jedi watching an old holocron lesson with Mace Windu or Obi-Wan.

Let’s see Jar Jar as Supreme Chancellor, heh heh. Nobody said how long Gungans can live.

I’m sure they’ll find a way for Lando Calrissian to drop in, say hello, and call in a favor. Maybe somebody will finally convince Denis Lawson to put in an appearance. Folks would love to see Wedge again.

And oh yes, word of Chewbacca’s death in that NJO book was greatly exaggerated ;).

Of course I may be way off base. They’re gonna do what they’re gonna do, so I’m not married to any particular idea. But I’m sure we’ll find out what’s in store in 2013, especially when they get around to casting.

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