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When L.A. was selected to host Celebration IV, I heard from a number of people who said that the deal with the Los Angeles Convention Center was for multiple conventions. I haven't seen the contract, so I can't verify if it's true or if there was only the option to come back if Lucasfilm and GenCon wanted to.

Now that GenCon is out of the picture and Steve Sansweet told an audience at Jedi-Con last weekend that they are looking at Midwestern and Eastern locations, it appears Celebration won't be back in the City of Angels any time soon. Celebration IV had the highest attendance of any Celebration, even without a new movie. Most attendees liked the facility. I thought it was quantum leaps better than the crowded little convention center in Indianapolis. So, aside from the break with GenCon, what happened?

[ profile] quidawn might have found out. She fired off an e-mail to Dustin at TFN over some snarky comment about Celebration IV in L.A. (which seems to have been edited out since the original posting, because I didn't find it) and he responded. He claims nobody made money at the con:

The bottom line for LA was that nobody made money, period. So I'm pretty certain they will not be returning. I know if I was a vendor and set up shop at a show only to lose money, I would not return. That straddled with a low turn out for vendors due to high costs made it a smaller show in a sense, even though it was in a huge facility, there were no where near as many vendors. For example, do you recall where the X-wing was set up in the fan hall? At C3 Official Pix had that much space alone, but at C4 they were lumped with the other vendor area because they didn't sell nearly as many booths.

There weren't as many vendors because there weren't as many licensees. I didn't go to CIII but I remember half of the booths on the floor, maybe even more than half, at CII were licensees. Back then there was a new movie coming out. There wasn't a new movie in 2007. As for the part about vendors losing money, who knows? Anyone with more insight?
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Celebration Europe kicked off today in Ol' Blighty. Since two of my long-time SW friends are going, I'm hoping to get some "foreign correspondence" here after the con. In the meantime, check out Rebelscum's coverage and I'm sure the official SW blog might have updates too. Apparently, their Opening Ceremonies was outdoors on a big lawn, featured appearances by Mark Hamill and Ian McDiarmid, included a showing of ANH on a big screen (in broad daylight), and lots of planes flying overhead.

GenCon e-mailed out a survey on Celebration IV (my fellow attendees probably all received one) and besides the opportunity to give GenCon a piece of your mind for the chance to win a gift certificate for, GenCon might have slipped out when we could expect Celebration Cinco. One of the questions actually asked if another Celebration was held in spring 2009, how likely would you come if it wasn't within driving distance. Gee, that doesn't give anything away. What did I tell ya ;)?

According to the San Diego Union-Tribune, Hayden Christensen and Samuel L. Jackson will be at Comic Con, this time to promote their upcoming flick "Jumper." Looks like I'm ditching that SW book panel, heh heh. Hayden's obvious yet still rumored hunnybunny/co-star Rachel Bilson will also appear at the "Jumper" presentation...that should be interesting.
lazypadawan: (Default) reports that C IV drew over 35,000 attendees, making it the highest attendance yet at any Celebration. The fact it managed to do that without a new movie to promote is extraordinary. This means:

1. GenCon is going to run Celebration V.

2. It's as inevitable as death and taxes that Celebration V will be back in Los Angeles. People who really wanted to go managed to scrounge up the money to fly from wherever, plus I think [ profile] jawajames is right...a lot of Angelenos and other locals from SoCal attended this con while just about everybody at previous Celebrations was from somewhere outside of the host city. Sure there are SW fans in Denver and Indianapolis but they're also much smaller cities. And there's no town on this planet as into movies and popular culture as L.A..
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First of all, fans of both SW and Heroes need to see this comic:

Yesterday I popped into Barnes & Noble to get an Insider for a friend in Germany. On the racks there was the British mag "Total Film." There is a SW 30th anniversary issue and it costs ten bucks whatwith the exchange rate and tariffs. The good? Some nice fold-outs of the various SW posters. The text consists of pages of lists, i.e. the 30 best moments of the saga. So, is it totally free of any prequel bashing whatsoever? Is it worth the money??

What do you think?

TFN's Celebration IV board is still active and there seems to be some grumbling. Of course there is's TFN, there's always grumbling! Aside from the stupid debate over where Celebration V should be--repeat after me, any location is going to be expensive and far for somebody--there is some unhappiness that so many of the big names blew off attending the con. Some are less than thrilled that Papa George was not in London hard at work on Indy IV, but hanging out in Monte Carlo watching a car race or other.

I mentioned before in my C IV report that we are "blessed" with a fandom where many of the headliners are not into fan gatherings. Movie actors as a whole are more snobby about these things than t.v. actors. Conventions are considered low-status and A-listers as well as those aspiring to be A-listers are going to steer clear of that sort of thing. Comic Con is an exception because the studios have a lot invested in promoting their $80 million babies to a friendly audience, hoping they will generate positive buzz. So they will make their stars slum with the geeks. In addition, we have no idea how much C IV organizers were going to pay these guys to show up. It was probably chump change for all we know.

Whatever happened, I do see the point...the 30th anniversary was special to us. We cared enough to travel from near and far to spend five days celebrating it. If it's important to us, why couldn't it be important enough to those who benefitted from it the most? Someone posted on TFN that he or she overheard a fan thanking Carrie Fisher for coming to the con. Carrie said, "It's SW's thirtieth anniversary. Where else would I be?"

While we're on the topic, am I the only person who thinks it sucks Ahmed Best is treated like a pariah and not invited to these conventions? The only Celebration he's been to is the first one, the Great Denver Mud Party of 1999. Maybe I'm wrong and perhaps he doesn't want to gin up controversy or something by showing up, but I think it's appalling Official Pix and Lucasfilm invites The Third Dead Stormtrooper On The Right or The Background Jawa to official events but not Best. If it's because they fear that since "everybody" hates Jar Jar, then Best won't get treated well or fans won't be interested in his autograph, then explain why they've invited Jake Lloyd, who has himself received a lot of stick from the peanut gallery, and people who have played the much-maligned Ewoks? Why give in to the hostility of the bedwetters and disrespect someone who is as much a part of the SW family as the midget who played Gonk?

Just sayin'.
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I'm still working on Sunday, Monday, Conclusion/Epilogue reports for Celebration IV. Plus a pic spam! Stay tuned!

But in the meantime, go check out this month's SagaJournal. [ profile] a_p just posted a fantastic essay about the mythical meaning of twins and there's a review by [ profile] matril of The Making of Star Wars. Plus a new "Discovering SW" story!

While poking around the CIV board at TFN, I read about some famous non-SW folks who were spotting poking around the convention. I mentioned a couple of days ago that Jane Wiedlin was there. Folks also saw "Veronica Mars"/"Fanboys" star Kristen Bell in the Exhibit Hall after the "Fanboys" preview, "Napoleon Dynamite" star Jon Heder, and your pal 'n mine, Corey Feldman. There's a hilarious story about Feldman trying to butt in line to get David Prowse's autograph only to get told off by Prowse himself. Heh heh. posted a bunch of pictures in its Bantha Tracks online supplement (accessible only to Hyperspace members) and noted that an early count of attendance at CIV shows it will exceed attendance at CIII. So much for the gripers and sour grapers at TFN who are trying to claim attendance was lower because "nobody" could travel to Los Angeles. This is in the midst of a really stupid thread on why the next con ought to be in Indianapolis because we can't load 15 people in a car and split gas down to $5 a person if it's in Los Angeles. These guys don't realize that no matter where you hold a convention, it's going to be close and convenient for a lot of people, and far away for a lot of others. Granted, some locations are better than others...there ought to be a federal law that no future Celebration ever be held in Denver again. But does anyone suggest that Dragoncon leave Atlanta so it can be closer to fans in Seattle? Or that Comic Con leave San Diego for St. Louis so that it's more convenient for the residents of Mexico, Missouri? I missed two Celebrations because I didn't have the money to go. But I'm not agitating that the next one be here in my town. I'm not sure I'd want it here anyway because then everybody I know would want to bunk in my house for free ;).

Heck, my ideal location for a Celebration is Las Vegas. That way we can all crash the Star Trek Experience!
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I escaped from L.A. alive despite an unexpected souvenir of the convention, a cold or possibly a bad allergy attack.

So, you're probably wondering whatever happened to those voice posts I was going to make from Celebration. It seems like I remembered to bring everything, except for the instructions on how to make a voice post. I didn't bring my laptop or anything either.

But there really wasn't much in the way of "breaking news" to be honest except for the announcement of LEGO's Star Wars Saga game, including for the Wii format (there's a shot of Vader showing Luke a picture of Anakin and Preggers Padmé, then pointing at Luke during the TESB segment that's hilarious) and the AMAZING Clone Wars trailer that debuted on Sunday (lucky me was in the first audience to see it). I'm also more determined than ever to do something to promote appreciation for the PT.

I will have detailed posts over the next several days on what I did at the convention and my impressions. Here's the short of it:

* I met some LJ'ers for the first time: [ profile] ladyaeryn, [ profile] a_p, and [ profile] celosia2. Apologies to anyone else I missed meeting. But you gals rock and hopefully, I didn't scare any of you ;).

* I got Jake Lloyd's autograph. Nice kid. Anthony Daniels was reportedly not so nice to autograph seekers; he was even rude to one of my friends. My friend Debbie decided to get a pre-signed picture instead of enduring a long wait and chancing surliness. After all, she had coins to collect!

* The Clone Wars trailer...HOLY #@#$#@$@%!

* Spent way too much money...naturally.

* I bought "Sacrifice," released early at the Barnes & Noble booth (the rest of you have to wait until tomorrow). I can confirm the previously posted spoilers on the book are true.

* The problems: A) Relatively low-wattage guest stars, which was noticeable at the opening ceremony on Friday. B) The opening ceremony was anticlimactic and clumsily-paced. And just you wait until I get to the infuriating comments made by Lucas Licensing's Howard Roffman! It's a miracle I didn't bump Rosie O'Donnell's departure from The View or Lindsay Lohan's cocaine car crash from the news. C) Those stupid Han Shot First shirts...for heaven's sake, you got what you wanted. Move on. D) Not enough of some merchandise at the Celebration IV store...they ordered something like 60 lapel pins instead of 6000 and patches were all gone by Thursday afternoon. E) Booths in the exhibit hall were too close together. F) Some missed opportunities for presentations that could've been educational, inspiring, and interesting.

* What they did right: A) The Celebration Store...the notorious nightmare of seven hour waits is no more. You could whizz in and out of there in a few minutes flat with 45 cashiers, all of which with credit card machines, and merchandise out for you to gather up yourself. BIG gold star for that one. B) Overall MUCH better-run and better-organized than Celebration II...the staff at the L.A. Convention Center have their poodoo together. Most of the staff I encountered was reasonable, professional, and even friendly. C) The L.A. Convention Center as a facility was far better than Indianapolis. I'm sorry, but I remember having too few places to eat and convention-goers bottle-necked in nearly every corridor. In L.A. there was plenty of room and plenty of places to eat. We didn't even have to leave for lunch or dinner. D) More time to do stuff. No more wasting your entire day in a stupid line, though for some things like the very popular "Star Wars Trilogy In 30 Minutes" or getting Carrie Fisher's autograph or getting into a collecting panel required waiting in line. The spontaneous lines to nowhere are a thing of the past.

Remember, the History Channel's special "Star Wars: The Legacy Revealed" comes on tonight at 9! Check your proverbial local listings, especially in Central or Mountain time zones.
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Off I go tomorrow afternoon!

Listen for my voice posts from Celebration IV beginning Thursday.

Wish me short lines and lots of fun!
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Wow, everybody is getting into the 30th anniversary act...Jeopardy will have yet another SW themed category filled with questions I'm sure everyone reading this knows better than breathing ;). Look for that to air on Tuesday May 29.

Another hot ticket has been added to Celebration: the producer and director of the upcoming animated Clone Wars show will have three presentations on Sunday May 27. I'm guessing here's where we'll see previews of the show. *Squee.* I'm so there!

Maybe. I e-mailed GenCon a couple of days ago about the lack of convention materials on my end and I asked for confirmation that they were mailed out to me. Today, Megan from marketing replied that my stuff had been mailed out but if for whatever reason it doesn't show up by Monday, I can pick up everything at Will Call. Now they could be blowing smoke up my you-know-what and sending a canned answer. But if it's true, for all I know they could've just dropped it all off in the mailbox. I'll be here until May 23, so if my stuff shows up by then, everything's cool.

But if I have to lose my "free fan day" to spend it in TWO lines (getting my pass AND my fan club lanyard/coupons), GenCon at the very least ought to refund the $2.95 I was charged for shipping and handling. And if they don't, I'll make sure MasterCard makes them. It's only $2.95 but it is fraudulent to charge me for a service I didn't get.

Even if I get my stuff tomorrow or Monday and there's no harm done, I've discovered many people do not have anything yet from the convention while others who aren't fan club members, who bought passes at the last minute, and even fans overseas (who were supposed to be picking up at Will Call only) got their things already. GenCon's handling of the pass distribution has been pathetic. There's no apology or FAQs on its site addressing any of this. If they got everything late, then they needed to send passes and lanyards out by FedEx or UPS or Priority Mail to make up for lost time. Fans missing their lanyards or passes should've had those items sent to them overnight. Why? We're the frickin' customers. If GenCon screwed up its deadlines, it's up to them to eat the costs and make things right with the fans. If somebody else screwed up, GenCon should be compensated for extra costs via provisions in its contracts. A good business will go through hell and high water to make its customers satisfied. Worse yet, GenCon has done three Celebrations by now...they ought to have learned something.

I have a bad feeling about this.
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Rebelscum/TFN posted a list of prices for each art print, availability, and if there are pre-orders available here:

I've narrowed it down to two potential choices since these prints are going to be pricey. Unfortunately, they're not taking pre-orders :(.

Dave from Topps just announced on his blog that Harrison Ford will be signing cards for its upcoming 30th anniversary card set. You know those are going for big bank on eBay:
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Convention passes were mailed out late and it seems attendees started getting them on Friday or Saturday, with more arriving today. Of course it was no dice in my mailbox. Grrr. There seems to be no rhyme or reason as to who got passes already. Fans on the East Coast (GenCon LLP is based in Seattle) and fans who bought their passes recently have already received them. Someone on TFN suggested they were mailed out alphabetically but that got shot down by fans whose last names begin with the latter part of the alphabet receiving theirs today.

Worse yet, several fan club members are reporting their package did not come with lanyards or the family/friends passes. Something similar happened to me five years ago for Celebration II, meaning I had to waste time picking up a lanyard at the convention. The story is GenCon got an outdated fan club membership list from Lucasfilm and has requested an updated one.

I bought my pass a few minutes after they went on sale in October and I'm renewed through June 2008; my renewal automatically kicked in back in February. What's the holdup?

I got an e-mail last week to contact GenCon if my pass and lanyard don't arrive by next Monday. If the Emperor is less forgiving than Vader then I make Palpatine look like a bleeding heart. I am not going to be cheated out of the fan club day by spending it in a @#$@#$ will call line when they're taking money from me.
lazypadawan: (Default) announced that The Star Wars Trilogy In 30 Minutes, the comedy show that covers the OT in just a half hour, is returning to Celebration. This time I'm making darn sure I see it!

Another Celebration veteran, Scott Chernoff (formerly of the Official SW Fan Club), is coming back, this time to moderate celebrity appearances and stuff. Cool.
lazypadawan: (Default) announced the last batch of artists selling prints at CIV. You've got Adam Hughes with a cheesecake Leia piece. Randy Martinez has an absolutely hilarious Sith rock band piece featuring Darth Maul, Darth Vader, Count Dooku, Palpatine, and General Grievous on drums. The backup singers are Mara Jade, Asajj Ventriss, and Aurra Sing. Matt Busch has a tribute to Impies and one guy is doing a piece featuring Padmé in all 38 of her costumes! With prints averaging about 50 bucks apiece and many with very limited runs, I don't know how I'm going to choose! also announced that Seth Green and the rest of the Robot Chicken crew will be at Celebration IV. I have mixed feelings about this. I suppose it's all right if the emphasis is on the SW special they are creating for Cartoon Network, set to air in June. Ditto for the "Family Guy" and "Fanboys" panels. Yes I know that without a new film to promote they need to fill up time with other things. But what sets Celebration apart from every other convention, including DragonCon or Comic Con, is that it's our party, not a generic sci-fi or pop culture convention. Once Celebration starts to be about other things, it's not as special anymore. There used to be many Star Trek-only cons in the late '80s/early '90s but by the mid '90s many of them became generic media fandom cons. The annual Grand Slam show in Pasadena for example. There's another annual Trek only show in Las Vegas now but the Grand Slam is now about every high concept t.v. show and movie franchise. It's great for those fans but if I were a Trekker, I'd be annoyed. Just sayin'.

Whatever the case may be, there's a trailer for the Robot Chicken SW special up now on I didn't know that Mark Hamill is voicing Luke! It looks pretty funny.
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Many of you are planning to road trip to Celebration. I've decided to take Amtrak to Celebration instead of driving. I know, how un-California of me. (I've taken the train many a time from Washington, D.C. to New York.) Why? I figured it would cost at least $60 in gas plus $75 to park my car in the hotel and for what? I probably won't drive it much while I'm there. My friend is coming by car from San Francisco with a friend of hers, so we have a car if we need it. I also won't have to worry about anything happening to the car or endure the pain of sitting in rush hour or holiday traffic. I can sit back and relax, and roundtrip via train was $68.

But for the rest of you, here's what I've experienced on the road in SoCal:

Many people do not realize that outside of the coastal cities and some inland valley towns, CA and much of the West is VERY rural. Even with the population moving east, it still takes less than a half hour to go from the middle of SD to the boonies. There are winding mountain roads and long stretches of desert with absolutely NOTHING around. You might occasionally stumble across an Indian casino, but that's about it. For that reason, if you are coming from the east, you have to make sure your car's in good working shape and you can handle driving long periods of time. Keep an ear out for weather reports--a spring storm can bring snow to higher elevations, even if it's technically "the desert," and if it's really windy it can be tricky driving.

The freeway traffic in the Los Angeles area is as bad as everyone says it is, especially during rush hour or on the weekends. The worst are I-10, the Hollywood Freeway, I-405, and I-5. The freeways are old and the population is far higher than what those roads were supposed to accommodate. Get as much time as you can while the traffic is free flowing because near the city it starts to coagulate. Keep an eye on when your exit to downtown is coming up because you really don't want to be waaay over the wrong lane when the cars are completely packed around you and it's moving at 5 mph.

If you are coming on I-10, I had the "pleasure" of sitting in heavy, slow-moving traffic from Palm Springs on a holiday weekend, stuck with everybody traveling from Phoenix and the Coachella Valley toward L.A.. At least we had to turn off somewhere to head south, ducking out of the jam near Cabezon. The problem is, it's the only major road going through the desert in that area. Just think of all the people you're going to be trapped with heading back east after Memorial Day weekend. Yay!

Other than creeping traffic, L.A. isn't too hard to navigate on the freeways or on regular roads. It's not midtown Manhattan or the horror show that is driving in Boston. Just beware of crazed starlets fleeing paparazzi and you'll be fine.
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Most of you said last week that you're not going to Celebration, but among those of you who are going, the majority is going by plane.

[Poll #975825]
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I went to the SW: Where Science Meets Imagination exhibit today...on its last weekend. A mistake I will never make again. But more about that later.

TFN does a podcast often, about once a week, and it's entirely too long for a busy gal like me to listen to in its entirety. But this week they interviewed Steve Sansweet and got him to drop some hints about what to expect at Celebration IV. Here's what was said about a potential guest:

Sansweet said someone "very close to Indy, in fact you could say he IS Indy"...may be coming to C4.

Unless it's George Lucas's dog Indiana, which should be older than a Wookiee in doggie years, it could only be none other than Harrison Ford.


Granted nothing's official yet and there's still time for Ford to turn it down but the idea he's even contemplating it is stunning.
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They've added a preview/panel on the upcoming film "Fanboys," featuring some of the stars of the film (*the gents cross their fingers hoping one of them will be Kristen Bell*).

Aaaand they're going to have something called "A Conversation With Carrie" on Saturday night for an additional 15 bucks. I'm guessing it's the SW edition of Carrie Fisher's recent one-woman show, "Wishful Drinking." Given that I've seen Carrie yap before at Celebration II and at Comic Con, I'll go only if any of my friends are dying to see it. At least you can preorder tickets unlike the concert at Celebration, that was terrible. I will tell you though that given the time of the show (9 p.m.) and given that fact it is Carrie we're talking about here, I wouldn't recommend bringing young kidlets. This is likely to be a strong PG-13 show. But it'll be funny.
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Go check out the transcript of the Academy of Motion Picture's panel on ANH as part of its "It's Great To Be Nominated" series. It's posted on and the panel featured Papa George, Gary Kurtz, Mark Hamill, Carrie Fisher, and a bunch of other folks who worked on the film.

There's a short interview with Rick McCallum here:

There's an upcoming book called The Force In The Flesh, a tribute to fans' tattoos. Think of it as a cross between "Miami Ink" and SW:

Had to buy the latest Insider at the store since my subscription copy still hasn't arrived. Way to go, Titan! I flipped through it and saw a cool 30th anniversary t-shirt they'll be selling at Celebration IV as well as one of those trendy army hats with a stormtrooper/crossbones on it. Cool...will have to buy one of those too.

Celebration will feature a panel on..."Family Guy." Okay, so they're doing an episode about SW and the show has had many SW references. But a panel? Oh-kay. Meanwhile, Robot Chicken is doing an all-SW tribute with Lucas's cooperation.

Don't forget you can preorder your SW stamps today!
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Heh heh, like that pun? After a long, adrenaline-charged day at Celebration, a fanboy/fangirl's gotta eat. Where to go? Chances are for lunch you'll get some overpriced grub at the convention center or get something at a place nearby. But what else is out there?

Well, L.A. has pretty much anything you could possibly want. If you're looking to blow serious cash at Nobu or The Ivy or some other celebrity hotspot, you can do that. If you want upscale chains like Morton's or Ruth's Chris Steakhouse, they got them too. But the good news is that unlike midtown Manhattan or San Francisco where "cheap" and "good" seldom meet on the graph, there's everything of every price range all over town. And for all of its smart looking cafes, L.A. is for the most part not a stuffy place to eat. San Fran is the foodie capital of the state and let's be honest, I can probably fit all of the foodies in fandom in one room.

Nope, most fan geeks like food unhealthy, unpretentious, uncomplicated, and cheap.

First of all, the #1 rule in SoCal cuisine if you eat anywhere other than a McDonald's…everything comes with avocado. I'm not a fan of the green mushy fruit unless it's barely noticeable in a sushi roll or mushed up as guacamole. But if you love avocado, it's your lucky day.

The usual fast food joints are everywhere and they're fine. Hey, I had no problem making a run out to Jack In The Box for its 99 cent tacos during my ROTS field trip at the Arclight. But there are the regional/local chains worth stopping in at least once. There's In-N-Out, the burgers-n-fries chain that is still pretty cheap and yummy. There's Tommyburger, home of burgers slopped with chili. This is probably the single messiest thing I have ever consumed…NOT a great place to impress a date. If you're looking for a chain that's a wee bit healthier, I like SanSai Japanese Grill. SanSai has your teriyaki, tempura, and even sushi (good sushi, I might add) at affordable prices. Their salads rock. I eat at the one near my job all of the time.

I think the Mexican food in L.A. is the best you're going to find north of the border, even better than here in SD. There's great Asian food as well…I've been to really good Thai places and I think the Chinese food in general is as good as you'll get in New York or San Francisco. Those of us at the New Otani Hotel will be right in Little Tokyo, so if you love Japanese food, I suppose you can't do any better. I think Chinatown and Koreatown aren't too far away either. There are Middle Eastern/Persian places, Jewish delis, diners that have been there forever, pizza joints, etc.. By the end of your trip, you will wonder where those cliches about health-obsessed Californians came from. And most of these types of places are not at all pricey.

A good place to search out restaurants is on Yahoo!Local. You can narrow it down by neighborhood and check out reviews.
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ILM geeks rejoice! John Knoll will be onhand at CIV so you can tell him how much the Oscars suck for completely blowing off his work on the prequels (though I suppose POTC2 was a consolation prize).

There's also going to be a gaming area just for fan club members within the fan club's lounge. I'm skeptical by the way about this lounge. At CII, there was nothing in it. Was it worth dropping by in CIII? *Shrug.* All I know is when Jake Lloyd showed up, he was mobbed.

And it looks like the Evil Calista's voodoo magick has worked...she and Harrison Ford are allegedly engaged. But I'm sure she will have to sign an airtight, heavily-negotiated prenup ;).

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