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Awright, I sat through the premiere episode on 8/14. It is kind of what I thought it would be, the geek/nerd version of “Hoarders” or “Hoarding: Buried Alive” only without the sail rats, cockroaches, feral cats, and threats of condemnation if the place isn’t cleaned up in 24 hours.

As I’ve said before, hoarding is an extreme version of OCD. It is a mental illness. Nobody on the premiere episode of the show was nowhere near as bad as anyone I’ve seen on the hoarding shows. Fair enough. But there were a lot of things about the show that still rubbed me the wrong way.

The first episode featured Parker Publicity maven Consetta Parker and her husband with a house filled with Star Wars collectibles, then a guy in SoCal with a garage full of Catwoman stuff. In real life, Parker is the publicist for Rancho Obi-Wan, James Arnold Taylor, and Catherine Taber. Apparently she doesn’t mind taking her work home with her because her jaw-dropping, impressive collection literally fills every room of her house. There’s some talk about how there’s no more room and Consetta has to let some things go. I’m sure millions of Star Wars collectors were shouting at the t.v., “What about storage?! Why not get a bigger house???!!” Okay, so they live in NorCal and a bigger house often means you’d better have George Lucas’s bank account. But I didn’t hear if they have anything in storage or not, which might be a solution to clear some stuff out.

The other collector has a bitchy, angry wife who didn’t know he collected until it was too late and claims they don’t have money for their mortgage, so he has to sell his crap now.

It is true that some collectors get in over their heads financially. It is true that some collectors’ passion for stuff quickly overtakes the reality of how much space they have in their home. It is true that some collectors do a far better job of acquiring goodies than taking care of them and organizing them. The guy with the Catwoman and ‘70s toy collection seems to fall into that category. Heck, I have problems with that.

But the show seems to generalize unfairly and treats the collector as someone with a Problem. For instance, the Catwoman guy admitted to the show’s hostess that he didn’t tell his wife he collected prior to their marriage. The narrator then says that hiding a collection meant that it was an obsession. No, the guy actually gave his reason for not telling his wife…he was afraid she’d think he was uncool. A lot of people worry their hobbies might be a little left of center for others to understand, especially when it comes to things like comics, sf/f, etc.. Now this guy made a mistake by dating someone who obviously doesn’t share that interest and doesn’t seem at all receptive to it. Maybe he just felt like this was his only chance to land an attractive young woman. Or maybe the Mrs. was right and this guy is spending them into the poorhouse (she says they were four grand in the hole). Do they work? Are there other financial issues? I don’t think we got that info.

Consetta’s collection, as large as it was, was at least neat and orderly. She had a lot of really good stuff. Over her shoulder in several shots I saw a signed ROTS poster with several cast signatures…I could see Ewan McGregor’s signature, Hayden Christensen’s, etc.. The hostess twisted poor teary-eyed Consetta’s arm to ditch some loose vintage Ewok action figures, a lifesized General Rex statue, and other stuff. I didn’t catch everything that got sold since I went to bed before the show ended. But the hostess told Parker that Rex wasn’t “iconic” enough so she should part with him. Hey lady, she works with the Clone Wars peeps! Hellooo! And in 20 years, those 7-8 year olds watching Clone Wars now will look at Rex as iconic. Ugh. Where they had the auction to lighten Consetta’s load…Rancho Obi-Wan! And who now has possession of Captain Rex? Steve Sansweet! This was like going to a 12-step program run by Keith Richards, Charlie Sheen, and Courtney Love! LOL! Oh well, in case Consetta happens to be reading this, if you ever want to clear out that signed ROTS poster, call me…

Seriously though what disturbed me was that the collectors didn't seem to be happy. At least the people on "Hoarders" are happy once their homes are clean and they're able to live normally again. I think it's one thing if a collector realizes he's got to edit down his collection and is happy once things are manageable for him again. But I got the feeling people weren't entirely convinced.

Another issue I had was the hostess breaking down the value of the collection not in terms of what it means to the collector but in terms of potential monetary value. When you collect you have no idea if your stuff is going to be worth big bucks in the future or not and money should never be the reason to get into it. You should do it because you love it. And then these folks are forced to hand it over to dealers paying pennies on the dollar, so they'll resell it to a future "Collection Intervention" collector for a huge profit.

Geez, if my parents thought my Star Wars haul was worth $150,000, I'd have to hire a food taster...
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The other night I saw an ad for an upcoming series on SyFy "Collection Intervention" and rolled my eyes. The show is about collectors who need to be publicly "set straight" due to their out-of-control hobby, or so it seems. The premiere episode is about somebody with a huge Star Wars collection. Oh wonderful.

I don't know the full circumstances behind this situation but the collection presented in those few seconds on t.v. was neat, organized, and clean. According to the show's press release, the collection spreads throughout the home. My answer to that is, it's only a problem if it's a problem, such as you're married to/shacking up with someone who doesn't share your enthusiasm (and that's your fault), you're hoarding not collecting, or your collecting is putting you into debt. Otherwise, who cares?

Moreover, it looks like SyFy's ripoff of "Hoarders," "Hoarding: Buried Alive," and "Animal Hoarding." Collectors should feel insulted they are being dumped in the same box as mentally-ill people who literally live in their poop and let rats run free over mammoth piles of trash. Fannish types get bad raps as it is. We don't need family members, colleagues, and friends to judge us as hoarders on top of everything else.

Why on Earth does SyFy want to do that to the demographic that supports its network?
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Sideshow Collectibles announced a new line of Star Wars figurines today, called Star Wars Mythos:

It's a neat idea. But I tweeted to Sideshow that I'd like to see more Star Wars heroines and not just in a bikini. Sideshow puts out a good product and it's one of the few licensees around that will include all of the movies in its Star Wars line. But it's strong points are in armored characters, villains, and a few of the heroes, while it's few attempts at Leia and Padmé managed to avoid making them "pretty" (okay, its Aayla Secura was nicely done but it's a character with a lot of sex appeal to fanboys).

Recently I saw the Bella and Edward "Breaking Dawn" Barbie sets at Target, each in their wedding gear. Mattel had done a very nice Aragorn and Arwen wedding set some years back. But Star Wars collectors who have pined for a Han and Leia set or an Anakin and Padmé set remain empty-handed.

Mattel is going to put out a very nice-looking Katniss Barbie doll in the wake of the success of "The Hunger Games." Nobody has put out a 12" doll of any significant female Star Wars character in YEARS. And the ones they have put out over the past 10 years have emphasized action babe over everything else. The last time anyone did a mass market line similar to what Mattel has done was Hasbro's Portrait Collection in the late '90s. That was a terrific line. I bought 'em all. But because toy stores didn't know enough to stock the girly stuff in the girly toy aisle, because Lucasfilm and Hasbro insisted on uniform packaging that doesn't necessarily attract female collectors/young girls, and because of rising costs, Hasbro abandoned the line after the TPM rush.

Robert Tonner has done beautiful dolls for Twilight, Harry Potter, LOTR, and Pirates of the Caribbean. They are going to do a Hunger Games line. Tonner did do a couple of very expensive dolls for TPM as an exclusive for FAO Schwartz. But it hasn't done any Star Wars ever since. WTF is up with that?

[ profile] rkc_erika has a petition to get a new license for Tonner:

In the meantime fangirls are doing it for themselves. For years people have taken Tonner dolls and other high quality dolls, repainted them, and reinvented them for unserved collectors, often to awesome results:

Check out this fantastic bust...the artist had included in the design several other Star Wars images:

Now that is something that's different and shows some inspiration. By the way, it sold for $500 on eBay.

$500 that could have gone in official coffers. Your loss, guys.
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Because I'm too cheap to buy boxes of trading cards and because it's too expensive to buy individual packs of cards to try and build a basic set, I've purchased a complete basic set of Star Wars Galaxy 7 (plus the etched foil and the Mark McHaley foil sets) from eBay.

There's lots of Maul and lots of Han. Heck, why not just do a Han Maul mash up and be done with it. There's lots of Vader too, but there's always a lot of Vader. My issue with the later Galaxy card sets is that there's a lot of stuff I've seen before to pad out the set and a handful of new, original work. Compare that with the entirely original sets done in the '90s. Still, there are some winners in there. Here's a rundown of what I think:

Cards 1-9: Your favorite characters are covered, with a guest shot from Darth Talon. Vanderstelt never does a bad job, so they're all lovely pieces. The standouts for this A/P shipper are #5 and #9, each featuring Vader and Padmé. Vanderstelt says about card #5, "Anakin's love for Padmé was more than is at the heart of the Star Wars saga." That alone justifies the hundreds of bucks I've dropped on his prints, heh heh.

10-12: A trio of Han.

13 (Joe Corroney): A Pieta tribute where Shmi's spirit holds a burnt, injured Vaderkin. OMG...what a stunner.

14-15: Steve Chorney loves him some Keira Knightley! The first card is a hoot, definitely a plot bunny for fan fic, where an amused Padmé looks on as Sabé disguises herself as the Queen. In the second card, Sabe takes out some battle droids.

16-17: more Han

18: Maul

19-20: A couple of pieces by Joe Corroney, one where Vader picks up Obi-Wan's lightsaber after their duel and a great plot bunny piece where Dooku witnesses Qui-Gon's death at Maul's hands.

21: Vader

22-23: Nice illo of Luke standing by as the droids head off to Jabba's palace, along with a companion piece with Leia in her bounty hunter disguise.

24: Vader choking Lando.

25: Awesome AU portrait of Vader as Emperor and Dark!Luke by his side.

26: Tusken Raider.

27: Vader again!

28: Aurra Sing watching the podrace.

29: Adult!Ahsoka. I think I have this print, or one very similar to it.

30: Han again!

31: Quiggy.

32: ROTS Obi-Wan.

33: Jabba's court.

34: A huge probe droid coming after the Falcon.

35: Boba Fett.

36: Dark Empire!Luke.

37: Jabba.

38: A tribute to Yoda's duel with Dooku.

39: A quirky piece featuring a probe droid by Nathan Hamill.

40: Ewoks, ha ha!

41: Luke vs. a couple of rancors.

42-43: A couple of pieces with Leia; in the second one, she's mourning alone as Luke and Han are stuck out in the cold wastes of Hoth.

44: An odd poster art about the Kessel Run in French.

45: Ahsoka 'n Chewie.

46: Vader at Padmé's tomb. Beautiful plot bunny worthy piece. *Cries.*

47: Mace F'n Windu.

48: Yoda confronts Sidious in the cave of mysterious hallucinations on Dagobah.

49: Vader.

50: Han.

51: Pilot!Luke.

52: The Seven Samur-Jedi!

53: ROTJ Luke in action!

54: Darth Vaderstein.

55-63: Posters sold at Celebration V.

64-72: Mondo's posters sold a year ago.

73-81: Acme Archives' prints in trading card form.

82-109: Artwork that's appeared in books, comics, etc. before.

This etched foil set is the Sith Hall of Fame. Then there's a foil set by Mark McHaley consisting of portraits of every headlining Star Wars character but Padmé.

There you go!
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For the first time ever, Ian McDiarmid is going to sign for Official Pix. He's not scheduled to appear at any cons, but he will sign a bunch of stuff for folks who sign up by April 2. An 8x10 is going to go for $150...not cheap but that's not much more than Mark Hamill and still more affordable than Harrison Ford. Sooo tempting...
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LEGO is running a great Toys For Tots program where for every e-card sent, it will donate one LEGO set to the long-running charity for needy kids who'd go without gifts otherwise.

In other charity news, Stand Up 2 Cancer has a new Star Wars tee:
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I need more posters and art like I need a hole in my head, but I was thrilled to see ACME selling prints of "Vader's Dream" from the Star Wars Visions book (see my icon) and on top of that, it's 25% off today for Cyber Monday. Score!
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Looking over the pix from the Rancho Obi-Wan bash at (and drooling with envy), I saw that the new museum even has...a gift shop! Yes, you too can buy Rancho Obi-Wan t-shirts, pens, paper weights, coasters, mugs, etc.:

If it were my gift shop, I'd fill it with the cheesiest stuff I could find: lighters, Snuggies, drink holder hats, jackalopes, floaty pens, etc.. Then for those with a sweet tooth, I'd sell peanut brittle and salt water taffy. I'd also have to have bumper stickers and give them out for free so they will cover every Winnebago from Maine to Alaska, resting alongside stickers for South Of The Border and the Santa Cruz Mystery Spot.
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During lunch break today I breezed by Wal-Mart to check out some of the tie-ins with the Blu-Ray release. I didn’t see the cereal boxes for General Mills but I did see the Pringles cans. Didn’t buy any of them. I didn’t want to be stuck with four cans of Pringles that I didn’t want to eat; food premiums from the late ‘90s through the ‘00s weren’t the only reason I got fat but they didn’t help.

I found the popcorn tins mentioned in a Rebelscum forum post. There were four different kinds. Just a few years ago, I would have bought all four without thinking about it. After all, they were only $4.98 apiece and they all look really nice. Instead I picked the two I liked the best and bought those, figuring it would be easy to pawn off the popcorn on my 100 co-workers. And even so, I felt guilty for even buying two.

Then I went to Target and found a great new puzzle featuring the Padme artwork on the popular Her Universe tees.

I’ve already cut back on books and on comics, sticking only with the stories, characters, etc. that I like. I think it’s time that I do the same with collectibles. My stash o’ stuff has become disorganized and I don’t want to be on the next season premiere of “Hoarders.” So I’m going to limit my purchases only to things that meet these criteria:

1. Do I love it that much?
2. Can I afford it?
3. Can I display or use the item?
4. Do I have room for it?

It’s got to meet three out of four of those questions before I buy it. Fortunately, I am not in debt or any kind of financial trouble, nor am I living atop a pile of trash with sail rats or flying possums. But I don’t want to just acquire stuff because it’s there either. It’s funny I’m thinking this now, months before a series of re-releases. We’ll see if it sticks, heh heh.
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Whenever some obscure nation (or even some not-so-obscure places) wants to make a few extra bucks, it will produce licensed stamps and currency.

The latest one is the Pacific island of Niue, a possession of New Zealand, which is issuing silver and silver-plated Star Wars coins this November. With silver going up along with other precious metals these days, maybe I'll just put my whole 401K into buying a few sets of the silver ones:
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I don't know if it's the economy or what, but today comes the news that is planning to close on Monday:

The actual site is still up and running but without notice of a fire sale or anything. All unfulfilled pre-orders will be cancelled.

I've had problems with the site over the past couple of years, with pre-orders that never materialized and orders getting abruptly cancelled because they kept using an old credit card number, even if I ordered using PayPal. Then after getting the cancellation order, I'd get the item anyway! Crazy stuff.
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Earlier I caught part of a two-hour show about Star Trek on Bio, Spike is running its annual Force of July marathon (caught the end of TESB), and there's supposed to be a cake competition thing on Food Network at 8 that will involve Star Wars.

Oh and if you guys shop at Williams-Sonoma, I saw that the cookie cutters are on sale and they have cupcake stencils now. And Pottery Barn Kids has Vader 'n Fett beach towels.
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Are you annoyed by the fanboyism found on most SW collectors' boards? Do you want more stuff made for female collectors? Do you want to discuss collecting in a friendlier atmosphere?

Swing by The Star Wars Shrine message board and register:

And check out the Star Wars Shrine blog:
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Hasbro is finally making a Star Wars version of the popular Operation boardgame:

I'm a little disappointed. Sure, it's cute and all but we all know an awesome version of Operation would be on post-Mustafar Vaderkin. Every time you mess up, he screams in pain just like in ROTS.
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I got my set in the mail on Saturday. The version I got was the 120 base cards plus the etch foil cards and the silver shiny Brian Rood cards. I'm not wasting my time getting the different foil versions and stuff. It's annoying that they make card sets that are impossible to fully complete these days. Grr.

What I care about is the artwork within the base card set. There are some really nice pieces, like the one I made into Bail 'n Leia icon, but overall I just wasn't as impressed with these as I have been in the past. I think what annoyed me more than anything else, even more than the strong skewing toward the expanded universe and Eps IV-VI, is that the New Visions were limited to 50 while everything else was filler, filler, filler. They spent a lot more energy getting new stuff drawn for the zillions of sketch cards selling for $$$ on eBay.

Do Want!

Mar. 9th, 2011 07:03 pm
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I saw this video on a new tote bag from Her Universe and opinions were solicited:

I LOOOVE the pattern! That alone makes it worth picking up should they produce the item. I kinda agree with those who are saying that a zipper would be better than the straps to tie the bag closed. There was a good suggestion to put in a pocket for an iPod or cell phone. But spare me the complaints about the price. If they could produce 100,000 of these at some Chinese sweatshop, then you can get 'em for $9.99 a pop. Instead, they'll probably make about 1000 of these at the sweatshop, so it costs more per unit. The bag looks like it could be used for travel, for school, for work, the gym, the spa, the beach/pool, carting diapers, an everyday purse, or of course, the convention circuit/fannish gatherings. Lots of use per dollar for years to come.

Besides, have you tried to shop for any quality handbag lately? A top-quality "faux leather" bag can run up to $100. Real leather bags from Ann Taylor or Banana Republic go up to $328, and that's not really designer. The Louis Vuitton Neverfull, its top-selling tote bag, runs up to $820 and for LV, that's cheap.

Here's Banana Republic's nylon tote, with no cool Star Wars symbols on it, for $60:

Here's LeSportsac's nylon travel tote that sells for $98:

The Tokidoki LeSportsac bag I got a few years ago cost me more than that, on sale. I'm old enough to remember when LeSportsacs cost about $25 ;).

There were other complaints that the bag is too big. Maybe it wouldn't be a bad idea to make a smaller size for those who want to use it as a purse, though I like big bags. But if you use it as a travel bag or a gym bag, it's not as though short chicks have doll-sized shoes, towels, and water bottles.
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Remember when I signed up for Gentle Giant's Premier Guild to get the exclusive Holiday Snowbunny Padmé mini-bust and found out they'd already long since put those up for purchase? And I pitched a fit? The customer service rep contacted me and put me on the wait list for the mini bust back in December.

Well, the "Holiday" bust finally went out the end of February (!!) and mine arrived today. It's a swell piece! Thanks bunches, Gentle Giant!

(God help me if they make an accompanying Holiday Anakin mini bust for 2011.)
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Screw the bad economy and rising prices! We want our Star Wars stuff!

2010 was the best non-movie year ever for Star Wars sales and the best since ROTS came out:

Ya think Clone Wars might have something to do with it? No wonder they'll keep that show on the air 100 years if they can help it, heh heh.

I think it bears noting that the toy line is one the few around that consistently includes stuff from all of the movies and Clone Wars. And while I'm sure Her Universe is a relatively small drop in the bucket, it's a drop that wasn't there before.
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Think Geek has for sale Darth Vader's own Dark Side Roast coffee. Hand roasted by stormtroopers, it's yours for only $14.99:

Perusing other wares at the site, you can find all kinds of stuff I haven't seen elsewhere. Too bad I can't drink coffee.

Meanwhile, Target has Clone Wars dogtags from Topps that come with an individual and exclusive trading card. Collect all 24! And they have Clone Wars versions of those rubber bracelets that are popular with kids these days. Not a lot of Target Christmas merch, just a few ornaments this year.

CVS has SW nutcrackers. So far I've seen Vader, Artoo, and Captain Rex.

Speaking of Rex, the Hallmark ornament set with Captain Rex and Yoda has vanished from the shelves of every Hallmark in my area. There are two new Shoebox Christmas cards, one with Vader and a Stormtrooper celebrating Sithmas and another with Yoda and the OT crew caroling.
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My latest round of stuff from Her Universe arrived the other day. I'd ordered the Fett undie set, the Imperial sigil earrings, and got a free Limited Edition Artoo Christmas pin, which is now sold out.

If you buy the undie set, definitely size up. I'm a small/medium, I ordered a large, and that was right on the money for the tank top, which I plan to wear as a regular tank top instead of as underwear. The tank's really nice. The boy-style panties are cute and they appear to run small too. I say "appear" beacause my inner collector won out over any desire to actually use the panties. At $35, the set is too expensive to buy a set to keep pristine and a second set to use.

I really dig the earrings; I hope they'll do an Alliance logo version or a Jedi Order version since I'm more of a good guy kind of fan. They're not as shiny looking as they are in Ashley Ecktein's video. They have a nice gunmetal color.

The Artoo Christmas pin is of course adorable. I'll have to wear it!

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