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It's been raining at Casa De Lazypadawan since Sunday. At first it was a wimpy but annoying and occasionally foggy rain, then it just DUMPED this morning. I know that when you get bad Pacific storms, it just rains and rains and rains. Well, this was bad and this is from someone who had lived on the East Coast for 26 years. I've seen downpours and cloudbursts before that were so heavy, if I were driving I'd have to pull over to the side of the road because I couldn't see.

The difference is that in Florida and in Virginia, those kinds of downpours lessen up after a few minutes. This dump-o-thon went on and on, complete with "gentle breezes" that made me feel like I was driving in a hurricane. There was standing water all over the place and on the freeway, the splashes went over my car. I've had to drive in snow and worse yet, in ice, and this was about as scary as driving in any of those conditions.

At work the roof and windows were leaking. I kept checking the parking lot to make sure it wasn't flooding.

The rain stopped by the time it was ready to go home but one of the major waterways that goes through my area flooded and they had to shut down a bunch of roads, causing much chaos and my getting home 45 minutes later than usual. Thank goodness a lot of people are apparently off from work since it's the week of Christmas, or else I'd really been screwed.

Hey, it's coming your way, Middle America! Enjoy your White Christmas!
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Folks, it's been a crappy week. Everybody at work is sick and it's been crazy trying to manage the workload when we're down people. Of course, when we're short is when the DDAs have all kinds of problems. On top of it all, I've been keeping a cold at bay almost all week. I keep popping Cat's Claw (it's a vitamin made from a plant, not literally a cat's claw) and vitamin C and it minimized my symptoms. Today I'm not as sniffly, but my throat feels a little raw. It was cloudy and rainy today too. So I guess it's just as well I'm not going to see Star Wars In Concert :(.

Count me among the disappointed and disgusted at the entertainment nitwits who threw in their support for fugitive child rapist Roman Polanski. Like the old Pop Will Eat Itself song goes, there is no love between us anymore.

And now David Letterman is outed as a lecherous, creepy, sexual harassing bastard. I was never a Letterman fan...when he was the shiz back in the '80s and his show was must-see-t.v. for my peers in high school and in college, I kept thinking, "He's not that funny." I just don't go for that too-zen-for-you, barely-crack-a-smile humor. What can I say, I'm more of a Johnny Carson and Jay Leno kind of gal, and I love Red Eye on FoxNews. But aside from that, I always found Letterman had a weird, creepy air to him and now I know why. It must be a fun place to work, always wondering if he's going to grab your boobs. Anyway, that guy who was trying to extort Letterman for $2 million was an idiot...if he'd just put the book out, he'd easily make more than $2 million and he'd be out of jail.
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*Cartoon Network has announced that Clone Wars S2 ("Rise of the Bounty Hunters") will debut in October. No indication of what day in October, but at least we know what month!

*I missed all of the Expanded Universe panels at Comic Con, including one with Troy Denning, author of several SW books. According to TFN, Denning told the crowd he wanted to bring Anakin Solo back (through that whole flow walking'd know what I mean if you'd read the books) but they wouldn't let him! Dangnabbit! If they had to kill off Jacen, I would have been okay with bringing back Anakin, who was the coolest of the Solo progeny anyway. I never liked that they killed him off in the NJO and Del Rey blew a golden opportunity to bring back a popular EU character. I might still be reading the darn things.

* has a bunch of SW hoodies and tees on sale.

*In real life news, I'm now the proud owner of a 2009 Volvo C30. It's a Sith car since it's red on the outside, black in the inside...SW even influences what cars I pick ;).
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I got a stomach bug yesterday that was so bad, I couldn't even bear to go online. That's how bad it was! I drifted in and out of watching Heroes last night. I'm feeling lots better today, but I'm staying home from work just to make sure my tummy doesn't act up again.
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Yesterday, I got my monthly Visa credit card statement. Imagine my surprise and consternation to see four charges made between Dec. 24 and Jan. 6 to Air Asia in Singapore. The really odd thing is all of the charges were $160 or less, with one charge as little as $46. These were clever bastards...they made sure the charges weren't really high so they wouldn't raise any red flags.

I called the bank, cancelled the account, and requested a new card with a new number. I have to now make sure I'm not responsible for these charges. Who knows how this POS got my number? Businesses have been hacked before and for all I know, the number could have been stolen two years ago. I don't know if the thief/thieves chose a vendor that doesn't require a CVV number or somehow managed to get that too. All the more reason to use PayPal when you can!
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You might have heard about a military F-18 jet crashing into a residential area of San Diego today. As of writing, three are confirmed dead, one is missing, and the pilot seems to be okay. Two houses were destroyed.,2933,463725,00.html

The lazypadawan lair is of course not near the crash site, but I once lived on one of the streets where it occurred. We moved in waaay back in 1973 and lived there about three years before moving to the other end of University City in 1976. I remember seeing jets from Miramar Air Base flying over the house all of the time. I used to watch the Blue Angels during the annual air show from my backyard.

It's a real shame about the people on the ground who got killed and the pilot who will have to live with this for the rest of his life. Given that a sizable portion of S.D. is in somebody's flight path, urban crashes are a hazard of living here.
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I'm at home today, trying to rest up for the weekend. But I can tell when I woke up this morning--after the muscle relaxer was wearing off and before I got another boost of high-powered ibuprofen--that there was marked improvement over how I felt 24 hours earlier. It's still a bit sore but definitely better. When the ibuprofen hits, I don't feel anything. In fact, I feel high as kite. Don't be surprised if I end up on the t.v. news..."a crazy woman led away from Comic Con after she tried to climb on a life-sized Anakin figure in the Star Wars pavilion." Heh heh. I only use the muscle relaxer to sleep.

The downside to the ibuprofen is that it is drying me out (need to drink more water) and it makes my skin a little bit more sensitive. And I can only take it while eating with a big glass of milk, because it's strong on the tummy. But I'm happy to have a lot less pain.
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Hell week goes from bad to worse. On Monday, I started feeling pain and discomfort in my neck. I don't know if it was the result of a facial I got on Sunday (they massage your neck and shoulders when you get a facial), but I didn't feel any pain or anything until Monday afternoon. Did I accidentally strain my neck bending forward or something? Possibly. Regardless, I had a hard time sleeping Monday night and last night. Now it's not so much discomfort as it is good old fashioned soreness in my left neck muscles. I'm popping Advil like it's candy and trying not to move my head too much (I'm also going to have to reduce my time online) but I know from experience that a pulled/strained neck muscle takes a while to recover (I had a similar injury in the same set of neck muscles on my left side in 1998). I haven't been to a doctor yet because I know, again from experience, that all they'll do is make you pop a lot of Advil or Tylenol. I'm going to try using a heat pack (no swelling, so I'm not using ice). If worst comes to worst and I don't improve by Sunday I'll have to seek out a doc to see if I can get some muscle relaxers and stronger painkillers. It's not so bad I can't work, so at least that's one improvement over the '98 injury.

I can't think of a worse time for this to happen. Comic Con is this weekend and at the very least I have to show up to pick up my Anakin bust and for the fan club breakfast on Saturday because they're already paid for. I think I will have to keep my activities and walking there to an absolute minimum. Sadly, I'm probably bailing on Midnight Madness and I've already told the SagaJournal staff my August paper isn't going to happen. My brother's wedding is a week after that and I have to be mostly/fully recovered by then.

Update: Around lunchtime today I thought, "Screw it, I'm going to see a doctor today." After talking with my co-workers and my supervisor, I left to go to an urgent care place. They told me to call my assigned HMO doc first. Fortunately, they had a spot for me this afternoon. The doc pretty much confirmed what I thought it was; he noted that the muscles on the left side of the neck/shoulder were tight as a drum. It may or may not have come from that massage. But I got a prescription for 800 mg of ibuprofen and some happy pills/muscle relaxers. I'm going to stay home from work tomorrow and rest. I figure what I'll do is go to Comic Con in the afternoon on Friday and in the morning on Saturday, just sticking with the highlights (licensee booths, some merch booths, artists' alley). The doctor told me that the ibuprofen and time are the only things that will really take care of the problem.

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