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The world was shocked, horrified, and disgusted with the act of evil that forever shattered the peace of a Connecticut town. The Mandalorian Mercs' Little Warrior Foundation is running a fundraiser to help out the families and survivors of the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre. They've raised $900 so far and their goal is $1700:

The Mercs are the largest Mandalorian cosplay club, often working events along with the 501st or Rebel Legion.
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Check out this "documentary" shot (surreptitiously) on Super 8 on the Buttercup Valley set of ROTJ...see your faves in their younger, thinner glory 30 years ago:

I believe this Jeff Broz guy is part of a small group of SoCal fans who trekked out to the dunes once they heard Star Wars was filming there. In spite of the film using bogus production names like Blue Harvest on location, these guys somehow saw through the subterfuge. Even more miraculously, once they got there, they were allowed to stay! They did sort of hang back and not really bother anybody (plus there was no internet in 1982) but you'd think they would have been arrested or shot or something. I recall the fans actually got to chat with some of the crew. They evidentially let Mr. Broz shoot some film for posterity, which is shocking! There was no YouTube in those days but still; Broz could have made a fortune selling that stuff to t.v.!

It's a neat slice of Star Wars history regardless.

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