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After hemming and hawing for years, I've finally had it up to here with LiveJournal's crap and will be over the next several months making this my base of operations. I'll post another time the whys and particulars. In the meantime, if you know me from LJ and elsewhere, friendeth me immediately!

Slow Going

Aug. 31st, 2010 08:02 pm
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After Celebration, before Clone Wars, and a slow last-week-of-summer pretty much means there's not a lot going on in fandomville, which is why there haven't been too many posts the past couple of days.

I am working on a couple of new icons though!
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Well, sort of. If you're on Facebook, look up Lazy Padawan and you can keep up with my misadventures at the con.
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In last week's poll on the CW S2 finale trailer that debuted a week ago at Wondercon, most of you said, "What trailer?" Tsk, tsk!

There will be no new polls until April 26. I'll have the review of "Zillo Beast" (last Friday's CW) up tomorrow.
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"Curling" won as the Olympic sport where Jedi could kick a lot of butt, in last week's poll.

There won't be a poll this week. In fact, due to RL stuff, I may not be posting as much and/or my posts might be kind of short.
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The end of the year is usually a pretty dead time, so one has to be creative to keep the posting juices flowing.

I am going to make good on my threat promise to list what I thought were the best songs 2000-2009. The funny thing it's shaping up to be full of stuff other listees left off theirs yet my top 10 or so is in line with a lot of theirs. *Shrug.*

But that's right, this is a fandomy LJ. Here's what I plan to do for the next couple of weeks:

*ClubJade had a post on the best and worst of SW of the past decade. I thought, "What a great idea." So I will have posts on the best, worst, and (my addition) the strangest of SW 2000-2009.

*Last-minute weird SW Christmas gifts!

*The annual polls on what was THE SW event of the year and Post Of The Year
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Okay, I posted a few days back asking for ideas on a new license plate frame. I got a couple of submissions but I don't think I was clear enough...I already have a vanity plate, now in limbo until I get my new car's registration, but what I want is cute saying to go on a custom frame around the license plate. People normally put stuff like "I'd Rather Be Fishing" but I want something SW-related. Post your ideas!
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Thanks to that Picnik program I found yesterday, I've become AN ICON MAKIN' FOOL!! My current Aurra/Cad Bane icon is one of my first batch. I've made like eight icons so far, with varying degrees of success ;). The CW ones were pretty easy to do, the ones from the movies are another story. Can't do gifs with Picnik either. But look for icons sometime soon!
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One thing I've wanted to do for a while was get one of those custom license plate frames but I put it off expecting to buy a new car within a year or two. Well, now that I do have a new car, it's time to think of a pithy phrase to go on a frame.

I have a couple of ideas, but I'd like to see what ideas you all can come up with. My only requests are:

1. It must be SW-related. No "I Grok Spock" or "I'd Rather Be Sailing."

2. It must be pithy. Short, sweet, to the point.

3. No cuss words.

My car is red on the outside, black on the inside.
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2008 was a busy year...the first new Indiana Jones movie in 19 years, Clone Wars, lots of books and comics, and the usual fannish activities.

2009 probably won't usher in anything new in SW; there's no Celebration scheduled, the live action show is at least two years away, and we're still not holding our breaths for the saga to get the 3D treatment. We'll get Season Two of Clone Wars and we just might get the SW movies on Blu-Ray at long last. However, I have BIG plans for this little LJ and for SWPAS. Plans so big, I can't tell you just yet. I can tell you that I am making tentative plans to go to Star Wars Weekends in Florida this June. Of course Disney has to schedule the dates and stuff, but there's no reason to believe there won't be SW Weekends this year. Keep your fingers crossed!

2009 also marks five years of my cranky rants on LiveJournal! In a couple of weeks, I will have special posts on the best and worst I've foisted upon you for half a decade.

Stay safe tonight--I need all of the readers I can get--and for those of you in Asia, Australia, and Europe where it's already 2009, Happy New Year!

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