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Wheee, the cable guy fixed it! So here are more of Padmé's thoughts as the galaxy goes down the toilet:

Why did that too feel like a bad choice? )
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It's got Padmé, it's got Anakin, it's got nookie. Rated R:

He's mine again, I know it )
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Here's a late Samhain treat...lotsa angst!

Rated PG for nookie reference

Now here I go again, I see the crystal visions )
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This installment...pure unadulterated Anakin/Padmé mush:

Laughing With Your Lover's Tongue In A Lullaby )
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Introduction: This story sticks to ROTS canon. It's not an alternate happy-ever-after universe and the only thing I consider etched in stone is what transpires in the film itself. There are elements of other sources like deleted scenes, the comics adapatation, the novel, and the kids' novel, but I didn't stick to them verbatim either.

The Mercy Seat: Part One
Rated PG-13 for angst

Oh I'm so worried about my love/they say no, no it won't last forever )

It's Done

Oct. 16th, 2006 07:41 pm
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The fourth and final draft of my sequel to "Seeds of the Future" is at last finished.

This thing was hell to write. It took almost a year and a half to write twenty-two parts and a short epilogue. Let me tell ya, Padmé is one tough nut to crack. I thought it would be easy to cover her final days in ROTS from her p.o.v.. Ha! Not to mention wondering what to do with deleted scenes that make no sense within the established timeline of the film (as Tim Gunn would say, I had to make it I made a lot up!) and navigating several conflicting sources (the novel, the comic, and the kiddie book) to cover territory not seen in the film. Anyway, I'll tell you the title for this new mega-series..."The Mercy Seat." I'm probably one of the very few SW fan writers who can recall an old Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds song and how one of the lines of the song echoes something Padmé says in AOTC. (The song is about a guy who is about to be executed.) And in a way, the term "mercy seat" has it roots in sacrifice and I tend to think poor Padmé was sacrificed for the future of the galaxy. Or perhaps she sacrificed herself. So part one should be posted here and on TFN tomorrow or Wednesday. Thursday at the latest. If you read it here though, you'll see all of the R-rated parts :D.

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