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Mark Hamill confirmed via that he found out about Eps VII-IX while he and Carrie Fisher were having a private lunch with George Lucas at Celebration VI.

The Disney deal though was a total surprise to him.

I take it a sign that it's entirely possible they may be involved in some way. Fisher can't do a full length feature anymore, but can handle short cameo appearances here and there if she does anything onscreen. We'll just have to see what pans out!
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That's right, the Emperor himself is paying a little visit to Celebration VI:

Now, THIS is how Celebration can step up its game! I already got McDiarmid's autograph through his recent signing session with Official Pix, so I won't need to spend three days in line for it. But oh, you bet your sweet Sidious I will be in line to catch one of his chat sessions (let's hope there's more than one). This will be his first stateside Celebration appearance.

No word on whether he'll arrive via Imperial shuttle.
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Steve Sansweet posted on his Facebook an account of Ralph McQuarrie's funeral on Sunday:

Ralph A. McQuarrie was remembered for his “quiet brilliance” at a Solemn Requiem Mass Sunday afternoon at St. Mark’s Episcopal Church in Berkeley, California. The service was proceeded with the playing of Taps for the Korean War veteran, and a flag draping his coffin was folded and given to his wife Joan. The Mass was filled with the beautiful sound of hymns sung by the St. Mark’s Choir Association, and it ended with the Star Wars Main Theme played on the organ.

The congregation was made up of family, friends, and former colleagues of the quiet and talented artist who provided the look of so much of the original Star Wars Trilogy. Among those in attendance: George Lucas; his long-time aide Jane Bay; ILM model-shop greats including Dennis Muren, Lorne Peterson, Steve Gawley, and Jon Berg; artists inspired by Ralph including Doug Chiang, Kilian Plunkett, Lawrence Noble, and many, many more. On the podium was an enlargement of a portrait of Ralph presented to him on his 80th birthday by Tsuneo Sanda. The portrait also graced the cover of the program.

You can see the program here:
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As noted on Facebook and Twitter, I did not watch the Oscars. So it was this morning when I got wind of something Chris Rock had said during the show about voice actors. In summary, Rock was presenting for one of the animation awards and he went on a riff about how easy it was to voice an animated film, where you just sound like yourself and they throw millions of dollars at you.

This annoyed many professional voice actors. As Clone Wars's James Arnold Taylor posted on his Facebook:

Okay to sum up my thoughts on the Chris Rock joke at the Oscars. The sad truth is what he said is true... for him that is how VO works. They hire celebrities to sound like themselves and they do pay them about 99.9% more than us. It's my hope that through things like my stage show I can show people what real VO work looks like for the many amazing folks that do it daily. It is an art and it should be recognized as that... not as a punch line for the super rich "artist elite" at their awards show that still required talents like Tom Kane and Melissa Disney to announce all of them.

It's true. Known stars are hired for the big feature animated films and they are hired to sound just like themselves so that you know you're hearing Chris Rock or whomever. They're not hired as much for their vocal skills as they are for pure marquee value. Hollywood thinks you're more likely to see "The Lorax" if it starred Danny DeVito, Taylor Swift, and Zac Efron than if it starred voice talents you wouldn't know by name unless you read the credits at the end of a Cartoon Network show.

Now there are exceptions. For example, Johnny Depp actually played a character in "Rango" instead of just sounding like himself or worse yet, riffing off a character we're already familiar with. But for the most part the personality hired is the personality as an animated turtle, giant robot, or Ninja warrior. So while that person must have some acting ability to be able to read the lines right, it's not the same thing that people like Taylor or Kane have to do just to do an episode of Clone Wars. The latter are hired to sound like anyone BUT themselves. To be able to create a unique voice (or to sound like an established character) and act takes a lot of skill. The best in the field make it seem effortless but that's not without years of professional experience.

Because most top-tier celebrities have little to no contact with professional voice actors, it's a part of the business that's easy for them to overlook. After all, voice actors don't get acknowledged outside of the Annies. Even the animated Emmy awards go to guest stars who of course sound just like themselves. And for the celebrities who have done voice over work, it might seem like Casual Friday since it's not 15-hour days of hair, makeup, shooting, and re-shooting for five weeks.

It's pretty typical for people who live in their Hollyweird bubble. Not only are they unable to relate to anyone outside of their world, they can't even relate to other professionals toiling away in the same industry.
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For the first time ever, Ian McDiarmid is going to sign for Official Pix. He's not scheduled to appear at any cons, but he will sign a bunch of stuff for folks who sign up by April 2. An 8x10 is going to go for $150...not cheap but that's not much more than Mark Hamill and still more affordable than Harrison Ford. Sooo tempting...
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Reminder: Entries to win a copy of Carrie Fisher's book "Shockaholic" are due in tonight by 11:59 p.m.. See my post from a couple of days ago on how to enter.

Also, someone had a question on whether this was open to residents outside of the U.S.. The publisher got back to me and it's open to U.S. residents only (sorry, world).
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If you're up late or can run to your DVR fast enough (or just wait for it on YouTube), tonight's Jimmy Kimmel episode--guest directed by Jon Favreau--will reunite Harrison Ford with Chewbacca (though it doesn't look like Peter Mayhew in the costume). If you think this has something to do with Favreau's film "Cowboys & Aliens" that just so happens to star Ford, you just might be right:
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TFN linked to this bit on how Carrie Fisher's run on Jenny Craig is coming along. Honestly, this is the best she's looked in years:,,20488450,00.html

At Celebration V, I knew she'd gained a lot of weight since I last saw her in person and she wasn't thin back then either; this explains why. It brings to mind what was said about Carrie not taking care of herself in "The Making Of The Empire Strikes Back." I guess when she's busy working, she doesn't look after herself too well. Regular soda is full of sugar and empty calories and protein bars are fine as long as you eat one in place of a meal and you go work out, or you go bike for a few miles. Those suckers have a lot of calories. You're better off eating real food instead.

My opinion of these weight loss programs is that any one of them can work if you can stick with it and you like it. No matter what you pick there's still an element of willpower and discipline. The second trick is maintaining your weight when you get to your goal. (Ask Kirstie Alley and Valerie Bertinelli.)

Anyway, so far so good.
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[ profile] darth_pipes sent me a link to this story about the kid from the Super Bowl Volkswagen ad meeting none other than James Earl Jones:

Meanwhile, David Prowse complained that the kid was too short and too young to be a convincing Vader ;).
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*Mega squees!*


I've always hoped to see Qui-Gon on Clone Wars. Getting Neeson back is like winning the PowerBall. Well, not quite, but pretty damn AWESOME!

Dave, I love you man.

(The only people happier than I am about this are the Q/O fans, heh heh.)
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No, not me.

Remember when I noted on Facebook during Celebration V that Carrie seemed to have gained a significant amount of weight? Well, I saw on TFN that she's on a Jenny Craig program and will soon appear in the weight loss company's ads. Thus far, she's managed to lose 12 pounds in six weeks, which is pretty good.

Jenny Craig has had success with Valerie Bertinelli, who has managed to keep the lbs off thus far, and Sara Rue. Kirstie Alley lost a lot of weight and then topped over 300 pounds. Hopefully, Carrie will be one of the long-term success stories.

Since October 2009, I've lost 59 pounds using a different method. Personally, I think programs like NutriSystem, Jenny Craig, etc. can work if you can stick out their programs. The main criticism I have with them though is that you never learn how to handle food in the real world, which is the main thing you have to master in order to lose weight and not gain it back. And you kind of do get bored eating all of that processed stuff. At least Weight Watchers is a method to handle "real" food.

I read in the TFN piece that Carrie is using something that monitors caloric intake. That's very helpful. I'm now a nut for checking calorie content on labels and I will look up nutritional information if I'm planning to go to a restaurant to eat. Losing weight is a numbers game. An average person has to clock in around 1700-2000 calories a day just to stay where he or she is.

Lots of luck to Carrie; I know where she's been on this issue. Maybe she'll be back in that bikini sometime soon ;).
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I'm an occasional reader at Libertas Film Magazine, so I'd missed this post about Irvin Kershner until a SWPAS reader alerted me to it. This is from the perspective of someone who got to know Kershner personally and it's such a terrific piece, Kershner's son David posted a thank you in the comments section:

And here's a bit more from the same site:
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America can be reassured this is going to be one tribute that will NOT simultaneously bash George Lucas.

Irvin Kershner had a career before and after TESB but lucky for him TESB turned out to be perhaps his magnum opus as a film director; easily it's the best film he'd helmed. Stepping into Lucas's shoes right on the heels of the most successful film of its time, and all of the expectations that came with it, couldn't have been easy. Based on what I've read so far of "The Making Of The Empire Strikes Back," it sure wasn't easy. On-set drama, financial problems, fights with the DGA, etc. were probably why Kershner later said the reason why he never directed another film in the saga was that "one Star Wars movie in a lifetime is enough." Still, not only did he pull it off, TESB created a new blueprint in how to do a movie sequel: not merely a rehash of a successful formula but taking it all to a whole new level.

All of the while, Kershner always had a sense of humor about the whole thing. He seemed grateful for the chance to add to Star Wars and was genuinely flattered people thought so highly of his work. It's sad he's not with us anymore but you can't complain about 87 years of life either.
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Irvin Kershner died just a few hours ago in Los Angeles at the age of 87...I literally just saw it now on Twitter and TFN.

It's not a big surprise given Kershner had been battling cancer for a long time. He was going to only make one convention/public appearance this year in conjunction with the 30th anniversary of TESB, and that was at a show in Anaheim last spring, which he had to cancel due to poor health.

More on Kershner later.
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From celebrity gossip/news site Amy

The Mrs. wore a pig costume while their son Liam was the only normal one, dressed in a L.A. Dodgers uniform.
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Programming note: Because of a family emergency on Wednesday night, I've decided to drop 'lazy ghost hunting' and add something a little less labor intensive instead.

Cut For Lulz-Worthy Movie Costumes )
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Her father, '50s crooner Eddie Fisher, has passed away at 82 from complications as a result of hip surgery.

Fisher is probably best-known for two things despite a successful recording and t.v. career: 1) being Carrie's dad and most especially 2) dumping Carrie's mom Debbie Reynolds for Elizabeth Taylor. It was a major scandal at the time and it seriously damaged Fisher's career. He went on to marry Taylor, then actress Connie Stevens, then somebody named Betty Lin.

Fisher's relationship with his daughter was rather...dysfunctional. He had a serious drug problem like she eventually did and she even claimed he used to give her drugs. She has also claimed that he might have suffered from bipolar disorder like she does. At times they were very close, and at times they weren't on speaking terms, such as when he released a raunchy autobiography in 1999. To say there are a lot of issues is an understatement.

All I can say is if half the stuff I've heard about Fisher, or even half the stuff he's said about himself, is true, God have mercy on him.
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Her Universe was at Wizard World Chicago Comic Con last weekend, and its most (in)famous guest made some time to say howdy. Former Illinois governor/possible future resident of Club Fed Rod Blagojevich was at the con to sign autographs and meet fans--no, I didn't make that up--and I guess he couldn't resist the Star Wars goodies. Maybe the Mrs. or something is a fan. Maybe Blago loves him some Clone Wars. Who knew?
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Remember when I posted about Hayden and Rachel Bilson going on a "break" and said that it's curtains for them? What did I tell ya?,,20408970,00.html

Yes, Bilson can now focus on her career of getting photographed a lot (me-ow). I'll be honest here. While Hayden was dating her, I think he kinda let himself go. He looked all scraggly and stuff. Now that he's officially single, he is smokin' once more. Check out this from the "Takers" premiere earlier this week:

Glad to have you back!

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