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Aren't these Blu-Ray cut scenes fun? The latest one to surface is a cut scene with Han and Leia from TESB. If you've read Donald Glut's novelization, this is the scene with those lines about "you're as cold as this planet." Leia's "enjoy your trip, hot shot" at the end is funny but otherwise I think the scene was played with a little too much "rawr." The version that's in the film hits the right note: it shows the tension between the two of them but with the anger dialed down. They're frustrated with one another and can't really say why. In this scene, it looks like somebody did something wrong and there's genuine resentment because of it. A little too angsty for Han and Leia. The drama at Bespin is all of the angst they need.
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I guess my invite got lost in the mail or something, but some other lucky ducks got to visit Skywalker Ranch a few days ago and sit through a presentation on the Blu-Ray set. Wow! I'm excited! Anybody selling a player for $25, heh heh? Don't laugh, that's how much I paid for my DVD player in 2004 and it still works! So there!

Go over to the Prequel Appreciation Society (link at the top of the page) for linkage to three different sites reporting on the junket. If you don't feel like reading them, here are the bold headliners from the presentation:

1. The prequels were taken from the original theatrical transfer, making for better picture quality and this time the entire picture originally shown on screen is on the Blu-Ray.

2. Digital Yoda!

3. The crossed lightsaber shot from ROTJ that drove people nuts with the 2004 DVD has been corrected.

4. Other goofs, even from the original films, were corrected.

5. Surprises are in the films themselves. What could they be? Hmm...

6. The sound mixes have been fixed too.

I think many of the glitches on the DVDs were either because of the technology available at the time (the last Star Wars DVD came out almost six years ago) or because people were so anxious for Eps IV-VI on DVD. Originally, Lucasfilm was going to wait until after ROTS came out to work on the older films' DVD release but fans wanted 'em ASAP. Now it has had time to see what people want and how it can fix some of the problems. As I've pointed out, fans will find some fault with the movies anyway. But it is trying.
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I saw the list of what's supposedly on the Blu-Ray extra discs and I came to two conclusions:

1. Don't toss out your DVDs just yet. There's still a lot of (good) material on the DVDs that are not on the Blu-Rays, just as there's material on the Blu-Rays appearing for the first time.

2. OMG, Yoda chatting with Qui-Gon? No way! The deleted scenes are going to rock!
lazypadawan: (Default)'s servers crashed early this morning as soon as its "big announcement" on the Blu-Ray set went live. I wasn't able to view it until after I got to work and even so, it was just a couple of images and a tease that I'll see more if I only surrender a lot of private information to spread the word via Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, etc.. Uh, no.

Instead, I found on TFN the real dirt on what to expect with the Blu-Rays. In short, it's what you got on previous DVD releases, just in a better format, along with a few extra bells and whistles. Apparently there are no new filmed scenes and no new edits/cuts. At least not that we know of just yet.

The gory details and commentary )

So far, buy it only if you want Star Wars on Blu-Ray. So far, I'm kind of "eh."

Update: 100% of that trailer on the May the 4th site ( is viewable without having to share or give away any info. I'm liking the cover art for both trilogies. itself also has the box art for the complete saga set, also a nice piece. Just noticed now they're all painted work, not photoshop.
lazypadawan: (Default) has something big with the Blu-Ray release that it will announce on faux holiday May the 4th.

If you go to the link in the ad, there's a countdown clock. Here's the kicker. The big announcement goes live at 6 a.m. EST or 3 a.m. on the West Coast. When I'm asleep because I have to work. Thanks a lot, guys.
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Ah, so that's what the Darth Vader thing at the Consumer Electronics Show was all about:

It's $140 for the whole saga nine Blu-Ray set, which is what the real Star Wars fans will be buying ;).

Pre-order now on Amazon!

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