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Rick McCallum appeared out of hiding to promote "Red Tails" and told IGN that while God only knows when the live action show will ever get made, a phrase we've heard since about 2007, they have made progress and came up with a working title..."Star Wars: Underworld." I guess it reflects the show's concept, which is about the criminal and shady elements of the Star Wars galaxy.

At this rate, the show will likely start airing sometime in 2085.

Update: There's more with Rick McCallum and the show here:

That way you don't have to read the article.
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Now people are wondering what the heck is "Star Detours." From

LUCAS: Whenever you create something, you obviously love it. If you don't, it's a really, really, really bad marriage. And I've always loved Star Wars. I loved the idea when I came up with it.

It was very different than the kind of movies I'd been making, but I enjoyed making it, and then it sort of took over and -- in all different kinds of ways. I had no idea that was going to happen in the beginning.

But there's a lot of different aspects of it that have been quite amusing and fun to be a part of. Like amusement park rides, and it's -- I really enjoy it. Now, I'm working on television shows, "Clone Wars" and another show called "Star Wars Detours."

Like Club Jade, I'm willing to bet this is the comedy animated show with Seth Green. It sounds like a comedy show.

Lucas also said he plans to wean himself soon from SW and focus on those weird personal movies he's talked about since 2005 ;).
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Out of nowhere comes the news that there is a LEGO Star Wars t.v. special coming in the Fall. No official announcement yet on when/where it will air except for a photo of a banner saying, "Coming Fall 2011":

Meanwhile Den of Geek has uncovered one of the possible writers hired to write for the erstwhile live action Star Wars show: a Matthew Graham, who has written scripts for "Doctor Who" and "Life On Mars."

I want to find where those scripts are, man!
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Of course, things drop whenever I go on vacation and go offline. While I was busy riding on a plane, getting the cab ride from hell, and visiting not one but two different "fests" in Chicago (those snowbound folks live for their summer weekend "fests"), this Czech interview with the Ricker comes out:

Everybody focused on the 3D part. I knew all along that 1) the plan is to release one film in 3D per year and 2) if TPM 3D doesn't do well, they won't re-release the other films in that format. Duh. Why do it if won't make money? Which is why I think they have to really impress with this or they may as well hang it up now. And Lucasfilm has to go all-out to create a successful campaign for a movie it has treated like the crazy relative locked up in the attic all of these years.

Interestingly though, hardly anyone paid attention to the stuff about the t.v. show: it will likely shoot in Prague, costs are currently prohibitive, they will wait a few more years, and they're wondering what to do with a medium that's rapidly changing. It may very well be that the live action show ends up in a streaming format. That's where we're heading, folks. My brother and his wife never watch anything as it's scheduled.
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Today announced a new SW animated comedy show. (I think this is the one rumored to be based on "Galactic Heroes.") It doesn't have a title yet nor do we know when it will broadcast, but it involves Seth Green, somebody from Nickelodeon's successful "The Backyardigans," some writer from "The Daily Show," and a few other folks I've never heard of. promises it will be irreverent and fun for all ages.

In other words, "Robot Chicken" you can watch with kids.

This would be interesting if the concept works. I really liked "Robot Chicken"'s two installments. I guess it also means it's not going to try to establish a continuity; I don't see how you could with this kind of format. I just hope it's not lame nor that it's going to be a sop to angry fanboys by satirizing the stuff we like.
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So now they're saying there may be more than mere rumors of a Galactic Heroes animated series. Supposedly the code name for it is "Squishies," what Lucas calls the GH figurines but I would call it "Star Wars Babies," a la the "Muppet Babies" cartoon from the 1980s. Nobody knows when it will air or what era(s) of the SW saga it would cover, but of course I'm going to watch! I think it's a great way to introduce SW to an audience that's too young to handle the rough stuff in Clone Wars and can't quite yet appreciate the movies.

And Lucasfilm, if you guys are reading this and need to look for writers, I work cheap.
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A concept artist who worked on the SW live action show ('memba that?) did a short interview with a French fan site. TFN has the info here:

Naturally, he can't say very much and doesn't but it is interesting to note--besides the "ZOMG, you've never seen anything like this before"--that his tenure ended in late 2009. Given that the film concept artists were finished about two years before the movies actually came out, and shortly before filming began, it's not unreasonable to surmise that the show could begin filming within the year.
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If you're reading 501st : Imperial Commando like I am or recently finished reading it, don't hold your breath waiting for a sequel. Karen Traviss said that the current book is it for her. She will not be writing a follow-up. Sue Rostoni didn't even know there wouldn't be a sequel until Traviss posted about it on her blog! Traviss also got into specifics about the continuity difference between her vision of Mandalorian society and what's going to be in the CW series and reveals that her Boba Fett novel got cancelled because of possible conflicts with the upcoming live action show!

If for once you want to read something interesting on Star Wars, check out this blog entry here from the guy who wrote "The Dharma of Star Wars":

He's also added two new entries, so check them out.

In case you're interested, a blogger managed to get some (non) info from Papa George about Red Tails and the live action show at the California Hall of Fame ceremony the other night:
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Let me preface the news from DragonCon this past weekend with, "This is most definitive news we've heard yet since it was announced in 2005."

In case you ignore TFN, don't get jedi_news on your f-list, you never visit ClubJade or EUCantina, or you don't read Bryan Young's page on Sansweet announced at the Lucasfilm presentation at DragonCon that the show will likely debut in 2012, it will be an hour-long weekly drama, and expect to hear "news from Daniel's (Logan) camp sometime soon." So I guess that means it's a go that Logan will be reprising his role as Boba Fett. He's like what, 20 now? So he'll be old enough for action and mayhem. And I guess that means Boba Fett has some kind of role in the series. How prominent that role will be remains to be seen.

Once Logan is officially announced as part of the cast, I expect other cast announcements to come down the pike over the next few months.
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*Papa George gets himself another honor, being inducted into the California Hall of Fame along with the likes of Carol Burnett and the late Harvey Milk. Since the state is broke, winners will get a Polaroid photo put at the back of a restaurant along with everybody who ate the Hubcap hamburger in less than an hour, and a t-shirt.

*Some high school kids in Orange County, CA got a grant to put on a production of TESB: The Musical. I'm not sure what to think about that one...

*Let the live action show casting rumors begin! I remember back in the mid '90s all of the rumors about who was going to be in the prequels. Sometimes they were right on the money, sometimes they were spectacularly wrong. I'm skeptical about this one, but TFN posted a rumor about Dollhouse actress Dichen Lachman tossing her hat into the ring:
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They're supposed to be doing roller skating parties to promote this thing, including the first one here in S.D. this weekend. But at my age, a little spill on the rink will put me in the hospital. I already have endured pain and suffering at Comic Con and I don't want to do it again.

But the DVD will be out tomorrow, featuring skits that weren't on the televised version:
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So sayeth Rose "Dorme" Byrne, as she continues to dish in her interviews:

Now by that I would guess she means it is centered around a family (Fetts?), not that "it's a drama for the whole family." Of course, I doubt despite what some have said it will be anything beyond a PG-13/TV-14. And really what are the SW movies other than a long family drama? Makes sense.
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Ever since it was announced last month that G4's Attack of the Show was going to broadcast Lucasfilm's presentation at Comic Con, some niggling little voice in my head wondered, "Why?" Surely G4's audience wouldn't be any less interested in panels and presentations on everything from other genre films to t.v. shows to video games. It's not likely to have the big Hollywood stars you see at other panels. Why the SW one? And moreover, why is Lucasfilm going to put it on t.v. this year? The year to put it on the air like that was in 2004, the two-hour extravaganza that featured surprise appearances by Carrie Fisher, Rick McCallum, and Hayden Christensen, that featured news about the upcoming DVD release of Eps IV-VI, and that of course for the first time revealed the title of Episode III.

This year's presentation is certainly a bit more jazzed up than previous years', but it still doesn't answer for me why this is going to be a big deal to anyone not named "lazypadawan" or anyone who doesn't slavishly read this LiveJournal. Others have wondered as well. Could it be there will be biiiig news of some sort, that while it won't be on the footing of 2004, will get a lot of attention? Well, let's see...

One thing that's entirely possible is news about Celebration V. But that in itself wouldn't warrant a t.v. broadcast.

What about this second animated series George Lucas mentioned a couple of months ago in Chicago? In last week's Forcecast on TFN, it mentioned the rumor mill says this show will be based on Hasbro's popular Galactic Heroes line. "Star Wars Babies?"

Could it be news on a cast and a start date for shooting the live action series? It's entirely possible. News has already leaked out about writers being hired and Rose Byrne recently blabbed about Australian actors tossing their hats into the ring for casting. If there is an announcement, it would be HUGE. This is what fanboy nation has been waiting for since 2005.

How about news on all six SW films coming out on Blu-Ray? The CW movie is already on Blu-Ray and I believe the Season One set will also be available on Blu-Ray (by the way, I definitely expect news on when the CW Season One set will be released and the date when Season Two will start to air). The next logical step is putting all of the movies on Blu-Ray.

There could also be an announcement that at long last, the SW movies will be available for digital download through venues like iTunes. Again, the CW movie and the show itself are already on iTunes. The movies have to be next.

I'm sure there will be announcements on other video games from the Lucas Arts stable, but we already know the Knights of the Old Republic mutli-player online game is the marquee game for 2009.

What's unlikely IMO? An announcement on a 3D digital re-release of the Saga. Disney has been very succesful with 3D so far, but I kinda think they're going to wait for more digital theaters and for a time when there's demand to see the Saga in theaters again. I think they're also going to wait to see how a live action 3D flick like Avatar does. We can also write off an announcement that there's going to be an Episode VII or another Indiana Jones on track.

So that's that. My money is on the live action show being the big surprise buzz catcher. We'll see in two weeks' time!

Short Takes

Jul. 7th, 2009 08:40 pm
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*I've noticed has pimped the Fan Club Breakfast at Comic Con several times over the past few weeks. They've never had to do this before. I remember when the event would quickly sell out and now as the deadline is approaching, tickets are still available, despite the price dropping to $55 this year. I guess even con attendees are cutting back these days.

*The rumor mill about Indy V continues to grind along, with a report that the film will shoot next year and be out in 2011, quickly followed by a "never mind" after Popcorn Monster tweeted Frank Marshall about it. This is still a long shot IMO.

*The rumor mill about the live action show continues to grind along as well. The latest is that they have hired at least one Australian t.v. writer, a guy named John Edwards, who is not to be confused with the former presidential candidate or the guy who can talk to dead people. No one has come out yet to deny this and linked to both of these stories without a denial. Could it be we're getting closer to something being done? Let's hope for news at Comic Con.

* also linked to a story about the University of Illinois acquiring a collection of SW and other media fanzines from a fan named Mariellen "Ming" Wathne, who ran a private library of zines for several years. This is of interest to me because 1) I started during the zine age, 2) I'm acquainted with Ming, though I haven't seen her in a few years and 3) some of the zines in that collection are ones I published or contain stories I wrote. My ticket to immortality!

*TFN has a story about a SW summer camp. Too bad they didn't have 'em when I was kid!

*TFN also has a story about SW author Mike Stackpole advocating in favor of downloading pirated books for free! Actually, I think it's very forward thinking and it does offer an opportunity for newbies to get their work out there.

*And this lovely bit of artwork inspired by the upcoming SW novel Death Trooper....ZOMBIES!!!
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For the first time ever, Lucasfilm's annual song and dance, known as the "Spectacular," will air on cable's G4 July 25 at 2 p.m. ET/PT. Hosted by Olivia Munn and Kevin Pereira, who also host "Attack of the Show," it will precede a live feed from the convention at 4 p.m.. I think what will happen is the presentation will be on Friday as it usually is and taped for airing on Saturday. Hey, I just might turn up on camera. Or, maybe Olivia Munn will put on her Slave Leia costume and Megan Fox will make good on her threat to wear hers, and they will wrestle in Jell-O for the fanboys.

What's actually planned is a Q&A session with Dave Filoni that will include questions submitted in advance through G4's website and a live script read through with most of the main cast of CW. Other crazy stuff will occur, I'm sure.

Moreover, Lucasfilm will unleash the opportunity for fans to unload their life stories for a new project. It's similar to Steven Spielberg's projects for Holocaust survivors and World War II veterans. I had no idea SW fans were dying at a rate of a thousand a day. Anyway, fans can not only submit their own videos expounding on how much they hate Jar Jar and George Lucas for raping their childhoods, they can also do it at Comic Con this year. I hope to be a voice of sanity participate if able. Of course, they may take one look at me and go, "Not that effin' @##$#."

Nerfherders Anonymous posted a list of SW guests slated to appear at Comic Con. Aside from the previously mentioned Mark Hamill, James Arnold Taylor, and Dave Filoni, the guest roster also includes several CW cast members: Ashley Eckstein, Matt Lanter, and Catherine Taber. Taylor is signing at the Fan Club breakfast and likely at the con itself. If the rest of the cast also signs at the con, I am going to be one VERY broke fangirl. Maybe I can find a picture with all of the main CW characters on it and get them all to sign it.
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According to TFN's Jimmy Mac, Papa George finally brought up the live action show when he was in Chicago to collect an award from the Gene Siskel Film Center. Lucas said that (Mac's quotes) "he is working on literally 40 screenplays for television including the development of a second Star Wars animated series." Let's hope this includes the live action show...the last I heard the rumor mill said it was going to film in the Czech Republic. Or something. Anyway, this is the first time anyone has brought up a SECOND SW animated show. I figure it'll be one of the following:

1. A show set post-ROTS and pre-ANH starring whoever survives Clone Wars

2. A show set during the Rebellion featuring your favorite SW pals

3. A show set during the Rebellion with all new guys or characters from Clone Wars

4. A show set post-ROTJ

We'll just have to see.

I found out that Legoland just had its SW Weekend and of course, I totally missed it. Boy, am I out of the loop on the local stuff. Granted, Legoland is a park for little kids and LEGO junkies, but still. There's always next year.
lazypadawan: (Default) says that The Force Unleashed: The Novel is going to be out on Tuesday. Sheesh, I haven't even finished CW yet! Speaking of The Secret Apprentice in TFU, someone on TFN's forum has noted that both he and Ahsoka hold their lightsabers the same way. Interesting given that they are both Vaderkin's apprentices. Interesting, though I doubt Mr. Secret Apprentice calls Vader "Skyguy."

There has also been some chatter on the live action show. It looks like it's going to be 2011-12 now (according to Steve Sansweet on last night's Attack of the Show) and three of the allegedly-hired writers are Australians with zippo experience in writing genre but plenty of experience in writing mainstream drama and comedy. Interesting. There's more info here:,,24171108-16947,00.html?from=public_rss
lazypadawan: (Default) is already taking orders for the KOTCS soundtrack. The track listing is there too. Watch out for "Indy's Noble End." Oops!

Some guy on the message board posted a scanned interview with Papa George from Total Film (UK version) magazine. The usual anti-PT crap is in there but George talks Indy IV, SW in 3D, Clone Wars, and the live action series:
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April 4, 8 p.m.
April 5, 5 p.m.
April 20, 8 p.m./11 p.m.


April 5, 8 p.m.
April 6, 4:30 p.m.
April 27, 8 p.m./11 p.m.


April 6, 8 p.m.
April 7, 4:30 p.m.


April 11, 8 p.m.
April 12, 5 p.m.


April 12, 8 p.m.
April 13, 5 p.m.


April 13, 8 p.m.
April 14, 5 p.m.

Update: posted more info on Spike's SW fest...the films will be shown uncut and in HD where available! Plus look for features on the films and an exclusive preview of The SW Event of 2050, The Force Unleashed game!

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