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Do you love that necklace Leia wears during the medal ceremony at the end of ANH? The Finnish jeweler that made it in 1977 still makes it today and not only is it hard to track one down to buy in the U.S., it's pricey. I found a decent sorta lookalike a few years ago at Topshop but they don't make it anymore.

Here's an exact knockoff made of sculpey on Etsy for $75:

Then there's this one that's not quite exact but it's made of metal and it's $56 from

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A while back I posted about some earrings from Tiffany that are similar to the earrings Padmé wore at the beginning of ROTS.

Well, I have sort of good news. I found an even more accurate set of earrings that cost way less than the Tiffany version. Behold these babies from the Nina Garcia X Bauble Bar collaboration for only $24:

However, these earrings are sold out for now so you'll have to get put on the waiting list. Bauble Bar routinely replenishes sold out stock, so cross your fingers! You'll have to join Bauble Bar (it's free).
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Her Universe has its annual Halloween tote bag and an adult-sized Ahsoka pullover for sale, with free shipping for orders over $50:

There's some Trek stuff too, including a new Spock costu-hoodie.

We Love Fine has two new tank dresses for a super cheap $29:

Those are much, MUCH more affordable than the tank dresses, swimsuits, and (soon) leggings from Australia's Black Milk:

Though admittedly the swimsuits are cool.
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I admit I'm drawn to things that look like Star Wars but aren't. For instance, I can't afford the Lapponia necklace used at the end of ANH (though you can find knockoffs on Etsy). But last September, while poking around the accessories spread at Topshop in Chicago, I found a necklace that looked fairly similar without being an on-the-nose replica. For 40 bucks. Mine! (Unfortunately it's no longer available.)

Well, for YEARS I've wanted the earrings Padmé wears when she first encounters Anakin again in ROTS: Cut for big pictures )
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As you might figure, SWPAS is keeping me busy so I haven't been posting as much here. So here's what's been happening since this past weekend.

My Queen tee shirt and Naboo earrings from Her Universe arrived pretty quick. I ordered everything on Friday and got them on Tuesday. Of course it helps the warehouse is in the same region where I live. Really nice products as always. I joked on Twitter last night whether I should wear them to jury duty today and it got retweeted by Her Universe, heh heh.

I didn't wear them today--too cold--but the Jedi mind tricks worked and I wasn't called up to any of the courtrooms. We were booted out by 2:30 p.m.. Waiting offered the opportunity though to read almost all of "Star Wars: The Wrath Of Darth Maul," a new "young adult" book by Ryder Windham. It's kind of a companion to "Darth Plagueis," just from Darth Maul's perspective. But if you don't want to be spoiled as to how Maul re-appears in Clone Wars, don't read it yet because it gives it away right at the top of the story. (More on that when I post a full review of the book.)
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Being the wag I am, I've joked that the reason why so many celebrities support the Stand Up To Cancer campaign is so that somebody will find a cure before they get cancer from all of those cigarettes they've smoked. Besides, who's really for cancer?

Anyhoo, Star Wars has climbed onboard the Stand Up To Cancer bus and you can get your very own Star Wars themed Stand Up To Cancer tees for $24.95:

In all seriousness, I've lost two fannish friends to cancer and I have a relative who is battling both melanoma and terminal non-Hodgkins lymphoma. So I think I'll be picking up one for myself.


Aug. 10th, 2011 06:48 pm
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I went to a larger CVS across the street from a mall during my lunch break today and found Revlon's Carbonite nail polish. Yay! My advice is to check the shelves where they put out new or seasonal displays because that's where I found it. The Revlon display is kind of small, so look carefully.

It's a cool color but as I noted on my Facebook entry, Han was never this sparkly, heh heh.
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I'm a nail polish junkie and will even drop $ on pricier brands. I've bought the hot Chanel colors and just last weekend, Nordstrom managed to suck money out my wallet thanks to Buy Two Get One Free offers for both Deborah Lippmann and Butter London nail polishes. I have enough bottles of OPI and Essie to open my own salon.

Then I catch wind of Revlon making a new shade called Carbonite. It's meant to be a knockoff of another must-have Chanel polish Graphite, but Revlon's version has two advantages: it's a heck of a lot cheaper and Chanel's version does not have an obviously Star Wars-inspired name. This is the first Star Wars themed nail polish since Yves Saint Laurent put out Naboo Pink as part of its Love 2000 line years ago. So of course I MUST have it.

Despite many blog posts claiming finds at Walgreens, CVS, etc., I tried local Wal-Marts, Targets, a Walgreens, and a CVS without success. I noticed that many have found it at Meijers, a chain that's mostly in the Midwest. Typical; flyover country gets it first ;).
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I ordered the new Yoda shirt from Her Universe the other day and because the shipping center is just up the freeway, I got it today. It's really nice! What's especially cool about it--you can't see it from the photos--is that in the art nouveau scrollwork, you can see Yoda from all of the movies along with Luke, Obi-Wan, Mace, Palpie, Dooku, etc..

The other new tee features Tsuneo Sanda's SW 20th anniversary poster art. No prequel stuff--it's from 1997--but the reason why I'm not getting it is because I have the poster.
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It's unlicensed (you think they'd ever do a licensed one of these, ha!) and the Shepard Fairey knockoff art is a bit of a cliché now, but somebody on RedBubble made an Anakin/Padmé design:
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Lucky ducks going to Star Wars Weekends get first crack at new tees and older designs in children's/plus sizes from Her Universe. The rest of us have to wait until they're available online in June.

So far, I'm really liking this Yoda tee on the right:pic under cut )
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My latest round of stuff from Her Universe arrived the other day. I'd ordered the Fett undie set, the Imperial sigil earrings, and got a free Limited Edition Artoo Christmas pin, which is now sold out.

If you buy the undie set, definitely size up. I'm a small/medium, I ordered a large, and that was right on the money for the tank top, which I plan to wear as a regular tank top instead of as underwear. The tank's really nice. The boy-style panties are cute and they appear to run small too. I say "appear" beacause my inner collector won out over any desire to actually use the panties. At $35, the set is too expensive to buy a set to keep pristine and a second set to use.

I really dig the earrings; I hope they'll do an Alliance logo version or a Jedi Order version since I'm more of a good guy kind of fan. They're not as shiny looking as they are in Ashley Ecktein's video. They have a nice gunmetal color.

The Artoo Christmas pin is of course adorable. I'll have to wear it!
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For this week only (Nov. 1-7), you can get 20% off your total purchase at Her Universe's online store! Enter HUGIFT at checkout.
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Former TAPS ghost hunter Brian is a big SW fan (he's especially a Vader fan) but another star of the series "Ghost Hunter" loves the saga as well. Amy Bruni briefly chats with Ashley Eckstein at DragonCon. Check out her shirt, heh heh:
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I ordered the Padmé art nouveau style red t-shirt, the Plo Koon and Ahsoka v-neck t-shirt, and the TESB long-sleeved hoodie.

The t-shirts are not THE softest I've ever bought but as soft as something you'd get from say J Crew or Banana Republic. They are both form-fitting and semi-sheer. Since the Plo Koon/Ahsoka one is black, as long as your bra is black or flesh-colored you're okay. You might have to go with a camisole or a seamless/laser-cut bra in a flesh color for the Padmé one. Your bra straps are going to be more apparent.

When ordering, I was a little confuzzled as to which size to buy. Not to brag, but I've lost 41 pounds over the past nine months and not only did I drop three sizes in pants, I also dropped a size or two in tops. Since I'm now about an 8-10 in tops, I almost ordered mediums until I looked at the sizing chart. Even though I'm slimmer, I still have the same curvy body shape and based on the inches across the chest, I figured I needed a large. Having tried on the shirts, here's my advice. If you're a C or D cup, go one size up. If you want a loose fit, go two sizes up. If you're over a size 14-16 in tops, definitely get the 2XL.

The Padmé tee is silkscreened with gold foil accents. The gold foil matches the tee; it's not too bright or garish. Since it's silkscreened, I would advise that when you wash the tee turn it inside out and line dry it to preserve the design. It's really pretty on and who can't love Tsuneo Sanda's artwork?

The Plo Koon/Ahsoka's v-neck is low, just as warning to those of you with a lot of cleavage. It seems like it has a leeeetle bit more room in the chest than the Padmé one, though otherwise it fits the same. A very nice tee if you love Clone Wars.

The TESB hoodie is made from thermal material but a nicer fabric than your usual longjohns/thermal underwear. I LOVED the way this one looked on. It flatters your form without being too tight. There's a little bit of silver foil in the stars but as in the Padmé tee, it's not over-the-top. It's perfect for SoCal coastal weather. A big thumbs up from me!
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Here's what I bought:

Unfortunately, they don't have the jewelry pieces or hats available just yet. That's grand total was like $113 ;).
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Get those credit cards ready! Her Universe's current site notes that the line of girly fan stuff will debut in about 11 days. Also, Ashley Eckstein posted this just now on both Her Universe's and her own Facebook pages:

Had a meeting today with the my partner The Araca Group. We discussed the launch of our new website and our online store. Our new website looks awesome! Our web designers at Carrot Creative did an amazing job making Her Universe come to life! Only two more weeks...

Right now the site looks the same but I guess it will have its revamped look when the online store is open for business.

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