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Okay, it's not quite the same as being there but here's what was culled from many a Tweet on what went down in Orlando today...

Clone Wars Tech Panel

Mostly technical stuff and evolving ideas. There were doodles shown, like of Krell ripping off clones' arms. Lucas came up with the idea of bringing Maul back with mechanical legs and the original design was with even more robotic-looking legs. Filoni was asked about Kitster and Ben Quadinaros, likely the first of many times this weekend. It ended with a clip shown at Star Wars Weekends, the one with Embo chasing Anakin, Padmé, and Clovis in some snowy environment. Panel

This was mostly about how they're continuing to revamp and its accompanying blog. There are going to be new games, including one called Ewok Village that's now in Beta mode for CVI attendees. will bring back the forums, so bashers will have a new home soon! They plan on making the blog the Star Wars "Huffington Post." They also plan on hosting old episodes of "Droids" and "Ewoks," the animated shows from the 1980s. The shop will be back in "some capacity." Tosche Station has a detailed rundown here:

Dark Horse Panel

Randy Stradley initially said there would be no major announcements until New York Comic Con in October. BUT they did talk quite a bit about current and upcoming titles, including the ongoing Darth Maul series, Knight Errant, a new Dark Times story arc with K'Krukh (the guy with the hat), a new Purge story arc with Darth Vader, and more info about the new Star Wars imprint. It will be about Luke becoming a leader, Leia grieving for Alderaan, etc. and it will feature Wedge and Mon Mothma. It is not a reboot, it will respect current continuity. Stradley seemed to drop hints that "Legacy" will be back. No new Old Republic or Invasion comics are in the works. There might be a Dark Empire back story and there's a comic "they can't announce until Sunday." There's going to be more cooperation between Dark Horse and Del Rey in the future.

Ian McDiarmid

It was a packed house and fans lined up just over two hours beforehand. Unfortunately they didn’t hustle anyone into the theater until 5 p.m., when the panel was supposed to start! The panel started about a half hour late.

*McDiarmid was told "great nose" on his first meeting with Lucas. He was the second choice for the role, getting it only after the first guy couldn't handle the contact lenses.

*He seemed to know quite a bit about the live action series and would really love to be in it if the Emperor is on the show. (I second that!)

*He's apparently really good at imitating other folks' voices: he delivered impressions of Lucas, Spielberg, and Christopher Lee.

*He was jealous Lee got to use Force lightning in AOTC and he couldn't.

*Liam Neeson had no idea Palpatine and Sidious were the same character until he saw a screening of TPM.

*He felt more evil playing a Senator because it was so reminiscent of contemporary politicians.

*A fan said McDiarmid deserves knighthood and he replied he already has an Imperial crown.

*He spoke highly of the prequels and said, "Hayden's performance was greatly underrated."

*Anthony Daniels got up and asked McDiarmid if he was coming to Daniels's panel tomorrow.

*He planned on knocking back a few with Mark Hamill later that evening.

Other stuff: It looks like tomorrow’s Top Secret Panel with Seth Green will be about the new animated comedy series “Star Wars Detours.” I forgot to mention this one as a potentially HUGE panel. There was a storytelling panel with Dave Filoni that ran concurrently with Ian McDiarmid’s chat session; nothing real new there, just seems to be the bare bones of having to visually tell a story. The only shocker was Filoni removing his hat and revealing he had hair after all. Some positive things about the upcoming Star Wars 1313 game but with some grousing about its limited game play potential (not a gamer, so…). Timothy Zahn’s panel seemed to be a big hit with expanded universe fans; he mostly chatted about previous works and about his upcoming Ocean’s Eleven type caper “Scoundrels.”
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