Jan. 7th, 2012

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Obi-Wan's Season Of Pain is just getting started. (By the way, Leland Chee coined "Season Of Pain.") After whippings and beatings in other episodes, Obi-Wan is subjected to more pain while toiling alongside Rex and kidnapped Togruta slaves on a world called Kadavo. Queen "Nicki" Miraj plans to break Obi-Wan by making sure someone else suffers if he does anything or tries to help anyone. She also continues to press Anakin on "declaring his loyalty to her" in order to save Ahsoka (still in a cage after all of the holidays) and Obi-Wan.

Count Dooku drops by and pretty soon he and the Queen start fighting when he tells her she has to kill Anakin. Dooku Force chokes her. Anakin escapes from his guards with Artoo's help, rescues Ahsoka, and spares a few minutes getting into a laser whip vs. lightsaber fight with Dooku. (Note to Clone Wars writers...at some point Anakin and Dooku have to stop encountering each other or else Anakin's line about "doubling my powers since we last met" in ROTS will make it sound as though Anakin is bragging about his powers doubling since last Thursday.) Anakin scoops up the unresponsive Queen, and off they go in a ship Ahsoka and Artoo have stolen.

The Queen stirs to consciousness just long enough to tell Anakin where Obi-Wan was taken and that he was right, she was a slave to Dooku...just as Anakin is a slave himself. Then she powers down in Anakin's arms.

They arrive on Kadavo and much mayhem results. But don't worry, the calvary is coming! Republic warships arrive and Plo Koon leads his Wolf Pack on an attack on the slave facility. Obi-Wan and Rex battle the Zygerrian boss man and guards. The Togruta slaves are put in a room with a slowly receding floor and electrified walls. Rex gets a great one-liner and an awesome kill, Ahsoka saves her homies, and the whole place is blowed up. Yay!

The comic on which this storyline was based had more dialogue, at least from what I can remember, between the Queen and Anakin. It's not explored in as much detail here, probably due to time constraints and to keep things moving along for younger viewers. But Anakin is left with the thought that he is a slave to the Jedi. Does he thinks so? Maybe, sometimes. He certainly feels constrained by them.

The animation is terrific as always.

Overall, a fun conclusion to an arc that's in many ways as dark as the Umbaran set of episodes.

Next time: Lux and Deathwatch return!

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