Mar. 26th, 2012

lazypadawan: (badfanfiction)
I too would like to make money off of barely-disguised Twilight fan fic. Never mind I have no experience writing for this fandom...I think your readers would eat this up:


Teenage Kristen is shipped off to Spoons, OR to live with her dad. There she meets the pale and sparkly Rob and the perpetually shirtless Taylor, who then engage in a battle of snark, testosterone, and pectorals to win Kristen’s love. Wealthy Rob lives with a weird tribe of characters posing as the Mullen family, including Ashley, the twin sister on the March 2012 cover of Lucky magazine. Taylor lives with a group of shirtless Eskimos. The mayor of Spoons, Stephanie, is hiding a deep, dark secret that threatens them all! Can Kristen and Rob find true love? Can Taylor ever find a shirt?!

Whaddya think?

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