Jul. 25th, 2012

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10. “But they said on the internet you’re gay!”
9. “He slipped a magic voodoo love potion into my Red Bull.”
8. “I’m preparing for a role as a homewrecker who steals a married man from his wife and three kids.”
7. “The director said he had my back.”
6. “Wait, we’re actually a couple?!”
5. “I was shooting a perfume ad.”
4. “I needed to dirty up my goody-two-shoes image.”
3. “I wanted to see if I could get a shout-out from Lady Gaga, and it worked!”
2. “How did you think I was going to score my next gig?”
1. “Did you really believe this was going to last beyond the final Twilight flick?”
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The other night I saw an ad for an upcoming series on SyFy "Collection Intervention" and rolled my eyes. The show is about collectors who need to be publicly "set straight" due to their out-of-control hobby, or so it seems. The premiere episode is about somebody with a huge Star Wars collection. Oh wonderful.

I don't know the full circumstances behind this situation but the collection presented in those few seconds on t.v. was neat, organized, and clean. According to the show's press release, the collection spreads throughout the home. My answer to that is, it's only a problem if it's a problem, such as you're married to/shacking up with someone who doesn't share your enthusiasm (and that's your fault), you're hoarding not collecting, or your collecting is putting you into debt. Otherwise, who cares?

Moreover, it looks like SyFy's ripoff of "Hoarders," "Hoarding: Buried Alive," and "Animal Hoarding." Collectors should feel insulted they are being dumped in the same box as mentally-ill people who literally live in their poop and let rats run free over mammoth piles of trash. Fannish types get bad raps as it is. We don't need family members, colleagues, and friends to judge us as hoarders on top of everything else.

Why on Earth does SyFy want to do that to the demographic that supports its network?

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