Nov. 3rd, 2012

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Ahsoka leads a group of young Jedi to Ilum for their big moment...making their first lightsabers! There, the kidlets challenge themselves, face their fears, and learn valuable lessons.

Even though the lighting's dark and the music sounds scary at times, this episode definitely skews younger. The future victims of Order 66 are even younger than Ahsoka and adorable. Especially the Wookiee. Wookiees can't help but be cute.

At the secret Jedi Temple on Ilum--a nice carryover from the Clone Wars micro series--Yoda is waiting for the group and he instructs them to find their lightsaber crystals in a dark, cold cavern. They have to be out by the time the entrance freezes over. Apparently the right crystal is only visible to the individual Jedi. All Yoda and Ahsoka do is wait for the younglings to complete their task.

The human boy Petro (sp?) is rash and out for himself. He quickly splits off from the group, making you wonder how this kid ever cut it as a Jedi in the first place. He seems to find his crystal after a short search, only to find out it's a little piece of ice. Ha ha.

The Wookiee finds his crystal across a small lake filled with ice floes. He had to wait until the whole thing froze over to get it, forcing the Wookiee to struggle with patience.

The Ithorian kid, whose name seems to be "Biff," had to overcome his fear of the darkness in order to retrieve his crystal.

The Nautolan kid is a bit of a geek, relying on his gadgets to try and find the crystal, only to figure out he needed to trust the Force instead.

The Rodian girl had to find her crystal in a roomful of crystals.

Then there was the other girl who needed to overcome her panic to find the crystal. At first Petro, still desperately trying to find his crystal, wanted to leave her trapped behind a block of ice. What a jerk! But eventually guilt gets to him so he frees her and voila! He finds his crystal.

There are rumors they are considering a spinoff with these younglings that will appeal to a slightly younger viewership than Clone Wars. We'll have to see if that pans out but the younglings are interesting and at the very least, offer a new frontier of stories for Clone Wars.

Going over the episode trivia, there's a youngling patch designed for the show (sewn on the kids' clothing) and markings seen on Mortis are also on the Ilum temple walls.

Oh, and who couldn't love little Ahsoka?!! Big win on that one!!

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