Nov. 15th, 2012

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All day I've been seeing posts and reports that Disney's forcing Lucasfilm to be a Star Wars factory, cranking out 2-3 movies a year. This is based on a report in the upcoming Enterpainment Weakly where Kathleen Kennedy informed Lucasfilm employees that the company will be producing 2-3 films a year. I did not see she said "Star Wars films." Just films. Meaning other projects besides Star Wars.

I sat through Disney's conference call with shareholders on October 30. Bob Iger had specified Star Wars films every 2-3 years, including this upcoming trilogy. He didn't say how many films in general Lucasfilm would be producing. Two different things, people.

From what I understand, when Kennedy was brought on board in the first place, I took that to mean that Lucasfilm was serious about producing all kinds of new material and not necessarily Star Wars. Now with Disney money and resources, they can finally get a back catalogue's worth of projects off the ground.

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