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Do you love that necklace Leia wears during the medal ceremony at the end of ANH? The Finnish jeweler that made it in 1977 still makes it today and not only is it hard to track one down to buy in the U.S., it's pricey. I found a decent sorta lookalike a few years ago at Topshop but they don't make it anymore.

Here's an exact knockoff made of sculpey on Etsy for $75:

Then there's this one that's not quite exact but it's made of metal and it's $56 from

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Boy are those Black Milk swimsuits, leggings, and "dresses" expensive (though at least this month, shipping worldwide is free, which is good because they are in Australia). They're cute and all but I don't see them working for me (Federal law prohibits anyone over 30 and over 100 pounds from wearing spandex pants) and once again, there's no "saga diversity." Pfft. I have posted them on my Pinterest page though because I am going to create a fannish fashion board soon. *Rubs hands.*

Anyway, what if you like the style but not necessarily the price tag or the execution? Well, WeLoveFine has tank tops similar to the tank dresses that are much less pricey:

This is only $29 and there's a stormtrooper armor style and a Chewbacca style. Available at and They do run small though, so order accordingly.

As for non-Star Wars alternatives that have the Black Milk look, there are these pieces from Topshop's AW12 Galactic collection:

This is $56.

This is $50. Available from Topshop stores and online stores (there are separate US and UK sites, plus sells some of their stuff).

Let's just say Black Milk's prices are way too low for your tastes or you want pants more refined than spandex leggings. Check out these babies from Paige Denim, the Verdugo Ultra Skinny Jeans in Moonlight:


Yours for only $259 from At least Shopbop has free shipping and you don't have to pay customs, which you would have to do if you ordered more than $200 worth of stuff from Black Milk.

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