Mar. 25th, 2012

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Because I'm too cheap to buy boxes of trading cards and because it's too expensive to buy individual packs of cards to try and build a basic set, I've purchased a complete basic set of Star Wars Galaxy 7 (plus the etched foil and the Mark McHaley foil sets) from eBay.

There's lots of Maul and lots of Han. Heck, why not just do a Han Maul mash up and be done with it. There's lots of Vader too, but there's always a lot of Vader. My issue with the later Galaxy card sets is that there's a lot of stuff I've seen before to pad out the set and a handful of new, original work. Compare that with the entirely original sets done in the '90s. Still, there are some winners in there. Here's a rundown of what I think:

Cards 1-9: Your favorite characters are covered, with a guest shot from Darth Talon. Vanderstelt never does a bad job, so they're all lovely pieces. The standouts for this A/P shipper are #5 and #9, each featuring Vader and Padmé. Vanderstelt says about card #5, "Anakin's love for Padmé was more than is at the heart of the Star Wars saga." That alone justifies the hundreds of bucks I've dropped on his prints, heh heh.

10-12: A trio of Han.

13 (Joe Corroney): A Pieta tribute where Shmi's spirit holds a burnt, injured Vaderkin. OMG...what a stunner.

14-15: Steve Chorney loves him some Keira Knightley! The first card is a hoot, definitely a plot bunny for fan fic, where an amused Padmé looks on as Sabé disguises herself as the Queen. In the second card, Sabe takes out some battle droids.

16-17: more Han

18: Maul

19-20: A couple of pieces by Joe Corroney, one where Vader picks up Obi-Wan's lightsaber after their duel and a great plot bunny piece where Dooku witnesses Qui-Gon's death at Maul's hands.

21: Vader

22-23: Nice illo of Luke standing by as the droids head off to Jabba's palace, along with a companion piece with Leia in her bounty hunter disguise.

24: Vader choking Lando.

25: Awesome AU portrait of Vader as Emperor and Dark!Luke by his side.

26: Tusken Raider.

27: Vader again!

28: Aurra Sing watching the podrace.

29: Adult!Ahsoka. I think I have this print, or one very similar to it.

30: Han again!

31: Quiggy.

32: ROTS Obi-Wan.

33: Jabba's court.

34: A huge probe droid coming after the Falcon.

35: Boba Fett.

36: Dark Empire!Luke.

37: Jabba.

38: A tribute to Yoda's duel with Dooku.

39: A quirky piece featuring a probe droid by Nathan Hamill.

40: Ewoks, ha ha!

41: Luke vs. a couple of rancors.

42-43: A couple of pieces with Leia; in the second one, she's mourning alone as Luke and Han are stuck out in the cold wastes of Hoth.

44: An odd poster art about the Kessel Run in French.

45: Ahsoka 'n Chewie.

46: Vader at Padmé's tomb. Beautiful plot bunny worthy piece. *Cries.*

47: Mace F'n Windu.

48: Yoda confronts Sidious in the cave of mysterious hallucinations on Dagobah.

49: Vader.

50: Han.

51: Pilot!Luke.

52: The Seven Samur-Jedi!

53: ROTJ Luke in action!

54: Darth Vaderstein.

55-63: Posters sold at Celebration V.

64-72: Mondo's posters sold a year ago.

73-81: Acme Archives' prints in trading card form.

82-109: Artwork that's appeared in books, comics, etc. before.

This etched foil set is the Sith Hall of Fame. Then there's a foil set by Mark McHaley consisting of portraits of every headlining Star Wars character but Padmé.

There you go!

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