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10. “But they said on the internet you’re gay!”
9. “He slipped a magic voodoo love potion into my Red Bull.”
8. “I’m preparing for a role as a homewrecker who steals a married man from his wife and three kids.”
7. “The director said he had my back.”
6. “Wait, we’re actually a couple?!”
5. “I was shooting a perfume ad.”
4. “I needed to dirty up my goody-two-shoes image.”
3. “I wanted to see if I could get a shout-out from Lady Gaga, and it worked!”
2. “How did you think I was going to score my next gig?”
1. “Did you really believe this was going to last beyond the final Twilight flick?”


Jan. 29th, 2012 06:26 pm
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I still cannot believe a family program features a cartoon guy kneeing another cartoon guy in the cartoon nuts. Star Wars, no less!

What did I tell ya?
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Who knew that Amanda Lucas, the 30-year-old daughter of Papa George, was hiding out in the Ivory Coast? Or that Papa George has actually been dead since 2003 (or was it 2007), possibly murdered at the hands of a nefarious uncle out to steal his billions? (Apparently the guy passing himself off as Lucas is a mere doppelganger.) Also, Skywalker Ranch is a sham...Lucas's real base of operations was in the Ivory Coast. The poor woman is so distraught she forgot she has a brother and a sister, that Marcia Lucas isn't dead, and that she is no longer a 21-year-old undergraduate. Perhaps the trauma is driving her to madness. But if you help her out, you'll get a cut of the $10,700,000 inheritance coming her way. Ten million? That's it?

From Scam of the Day:
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I looked at the "junk" box in my lp e-mail account and there was a message from "Anakin Skywalker." Now I knew that it was not from Mr. Skywalker nor could it have been from anyone I know; 99.99% of the stuff in the junk box is spam. But I was curious to see what it was about. The return e-mail was "" and this was the text:

"Hey, this is pretty interesting!how are ya? I thought you might find this interestingJust wanted to let you know about these new supplements I tried. I lost 12 pounds in just a week and a half. Best thing, it cost almost nothing. Check it out here"

I removed the link because God knows what it is. But Anakin's the last guy who needs to lose 12 pounds in 10 days. At least it wasn't Anakin asking me to get the 15 million Republic credits in a bank account in Nigeria that somebody left for him, but I need to give him $10,000 good faith money first.
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Programming note: Because of a family emergency on Wednesday night, I've decided to drop 'lazy ghost hunting' and add something a little less labor intensive instead.

Cut For Lulz-Worthy Movie Costumes )
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Her Universe was at Wizard World Chicago Comic Con last weekend, and its most (in)famous guest made some time to say howdy. Former Illinois governor/possible future resident of Club Fed Rod Blagojevich was at the con to sign autographs and meet fans--no, I didn't make that up--and I guess he couldn't resist the Star Wars goodies. Maybe the Mrs. or something is a fan. Maybe Blago loves him some Clone Wars. Who knew?


Sep. 26th, 2009 05:37 pm
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Take a good look at this graphic below and tell me what's wrong, aside from Aurra Sing's lack of a harpoon:

Mind you, this was from, not somebody on LiveJournal ;).
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If the American Film Institute were to rank the 100 worst movies ever made, there's a strong argument for putting Ed Wood Jr.'s magnum opus Plan 9 From Outer Space at the top. I've seen Plan 9 several times and it's hard to think of a movie that matches its genius, much less tops it. Even today's bad movies are bad in a way that's annoying or offensive, not funny and entertaining.

But then there came Tommy Wiseau's $6 million epic, The Room. The movie was made entirely outside of the studio system, just the way Wood did it in 1959. Starring absolutely no one you've ever heard of, it was meant as a drama but it produces nothing but laughs as the protagonist's fiancée proceeds to cheat on him with his best friend. This has everything a truly bad gem of a movie should have: cheapo sets, really bad acting, really bad direction (your average SW fan film looks like it was done by Cecil B. DeMille by comparison), quite possibly some of the worst dialogue I've heard ("you should have a girl"), nonsense subplots that go nowhere, and wretched production values. For example, all of the rooftop scenes are done in front of an obvious bluescreen. The movie was unleashed in 2003 and over the past six years has become a cult favorite. In Los Angeles, New York, and other cities, it has received the Rocky Horror treatment with midnight showings and audience participation. Each time the camera focuses on a spoon, people fling plastic spoons at the screen. During one overly long sex scene, the audience gets up and walks out in mock disgust. The really funny part is that Wiseau and his merry crew have embraced the film's cheese status, turning lemons into lemonade. They've even dropped by showings of the film. I guess we'll see licensed merch like "Oh, hi Mark" t-shirts.

I've made it my mission to see all of the film at some point...all I've seen so far are bits and pieces on YouTube. Prepare yourself for the awesome badness in the trailer and some short scenes (language warning):

Watch if you dare )

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